How To Browse Incognito On Android Smartphones


Valuable tips on how to browse incognito on Android smartphones to maintain privacy on your online activity: Here’s how to activate it.
How to browse incognito with Android? Indeed many people during their online activity have wondered several times how to access websites without leaving any trace of their research.

This usually happens because you want to keep the content of your activity secret so that no third person can view the searches within the history using the same device. Here are Libero Tecnologia’s tips for surfing incognito with Android devices.

Incognito Browsing On Android: Why?

At the heart of the topic of incognito browsing on Android is the concept of privacy. It often happens that there are devices that are used by several people, such as PCs for work use or computers that are accessible by all family members. To prevent other people from controlling our online activity, you can choose the option of incognito browsing. This way, our searches will not appear in the “history” section.

However, it is true that can permanently delete a search from the history. But in case of forgetfulness, problems could arise that should not be underestimated, capable of undermining interpersonal relationships.

How To Activate Incognito Browsing On Android

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most used browser on Android devices. The first step is to open the app and click on the three vertical dots positioned at the top right to access anonymous browsing. Here a window opens with numerous options. By choosing the second one, called the ” New incognito tab “, you can access anonymous browsing without any evidence in the history.

Mozilla Firefox

However, on Android devices, it is not uncommon to use Mozilla Firefox to access the Internet. In this case, after opening the app, you need to click on the icon located at the top right. An additional icon will appear here, called ” Mask “, accompanied by a “plus” button. By selecting this button, you can open a new tab in disguise.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Browsing With Android

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the privacy reasons that push people to access the Internet with the incognito mode. However, other reasons should not be underestimated.

First, the ability to browse without the hassle of personalized advertising is minimal with the private mode (although not eliminated). Secondly, do not forget the possibility of accessing multiple site accounts with different profiles (for example, with Facebook or with the Mail).

However, among the disadvantages, we point out the impossibility of obscuring the IP address, which is always visible. More in detail: anonymous browsing ensures that the sites visited are not visible in the history, but the traces of this activity remain traceable through the IP address and the downloads that are made.

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