Android: Finally Arrives The Locked Folder For Private Photos

Locked Folder

The locked Folder for private photos on Google Photos first arrived on Google Pixels, but now it comes on Android: what it is and how it works.

That of privacy is an important issue, but which in recent times has gained the utmost importance in the eyes of those who previously did not perceive then as pressing. As a result, it has also become so for smartphone or application manufacturers, striving to offer even better functions.

Among the latest news is the Blocked Folder that Google announced in June at the Google I / O event, initially making it available only for Pixel smartphones, now making it available to all owners of an Android version 6 smartphone. or later.

To illustrate when Blocked Folder can come in handy, Google in June gave the example of a parent who wants to keep the adoption of a puppy from their children by hiding photos of the new arrival from the phone. Still, the circumstances in which a similar function can be helpful are numerous and even more “cunning” than the example of Google.

What Is Google Photos Blocked Folder

The Google Photos Locked Folder or Protected Folder is nothing more than a ” safe ” in which to save those sensitive multimedia contents, i.e. photos and videos, which you want to protect so that they are not visible: the items included in the Locked Folder are not displayed in the Photos grid, in memories, in searches or albums, and will not be available to other apps on your device that have access to your photos and videos.

It is essential to keep in mind that the items included in the Google Photos  are not saved in the backup, always to ensure maximum privacy and therefore avoid that these photos end up under prying eyes.

How To Activate Locked Folder

To create a locked folder within Google Photos, you need to open the app, tap the Collection button at the bottom right, then Utilities and Locked Folder. Finally, Configure Locked Folder and follow the instructions on the screen to unlock the smartphone.

Of course, if the Folder is empty, the message There are no items yet will be displayed until the first multimedia content is added to be made private to steal it from prying eyes. To access the locked Folder, the device will propose the same unlocking system used to access the smartphone, code, sequence or biometric recognition.

For example, if you usually unlock your smartphone through fingerprint recognition, this will also be requested when accessing the locked Folder.

When It Arrives Folder Is Locked For Everyone

Unfortunately, as often happens, Google has not provided precise indications on when the release will begin on all Google Photos of blocked folders, simply saying that it will be available soon. The distribution of the novelty could start in a couple of days or weeks.

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