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PDF Services

PDF is one of the most secure formats. Easy to read and reproducible everywhere. Almost everyone works with it, and often you need to convert from pdf to Excel, make changes to finished files, correct errors, and so on.

I selected free services that can replace the most popular applications, save money and nerves, and give you valuable time.

PDFESCAPE is ideal for those who need to edit, format, or modify pdf files. There is a version for a computer (desktop, offline). Still, it is most convenient to work with the online version since there are more functions, higher performance, and almost a full-fledged analogue of the famous pdf application. Also, with the help of this free service, you can create your pdf files while editing and correcting them simultaneously. The only negative is that you cannot work on one file for several users. But perhaps in the future, this shortcoming will be corrected.

SODA PDF ONLINE is a valuable resource with all the tools to work with pdf. You are combining pdf files into one, splitting a single pdf file into several, editing pdf files, changing the structure, compressing and increasing the quality of the file itself, and converting to pdf and converting to other formats of the pdf file itself. Files can also be digitally signed. Most of the features are available for free, but you’ll need to subscribe if you need more parts. With very flexible API settings, you can integrate functions into your resources.


convertio. Co is an excellent resource for working with files of various formats. Of the variety of online tools for working with converters, this resource translates pdf to the doc at a very high level, and text files are the most “clean” and readable. Recently, the developers have significantly increased the functionality of this site by adding the ability to create videos and add subtitles to it (it doesn’t particularly apply to pdf, but an exciting bonus, especially for professional translators who work with texts, audio, and video).

ILOVEPDF is the best-known resource for working with pdf files. Tremendous functionality for working with files: converting, including from pdf to Excel, and in general, to all possible and impossible formats. Using this resource, you can also put protection on files and remove protection. You can add signatures to files. Not so long ago, resource developers added the ability to edit files, but so far, this feature does not work very well. Generally speaking, is the king among the resources for converting files and splitting and consolidating them.

PDFTABLES is a dedicated resource for converting pdf to excel. The most powerful one there is. Converts files very well. There is one drawback – you can only convert up to 10 files for free. But there is a workaround for this disadvantage. You can launch the site by first connecting to the VPN, which will allow you to “zero” the number of attempts.

Professional tools for working with pdf files are expensive, subscriptions to online services are also not cheap, and it is tough to pay for them in today’s conditions. I am sure that my small selection will help you solve problems with documents.

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