5 Ways Private Instagram Viewers Can Help Your Brand

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When talking about social media platforms to introduce your brand, Instagram is the place to be. Aside from the fact that this image-sharing platform has ballooned to over 815 million users in 2019, its growth is expected to reach over a billion users by 2023.

Millennials and Gen Zs are the most prolific users of the platform, and they represent a third of the global audience of Instagram. Even the older age group took an interest in using Instagram. Hence, Instagram is a powerful tool that marketers can use to connect with a wide audience.

Digital marketers know the importance of conducting thorough research to create effective campaigns. One way to do this is to study your competition. After all, Instagram offers practical ways to promote a brand, including static posts, live feeds, IGTV, and Instagram Stories.

So, by checking out a brand’s profile, you can learn all about their products, niche, consumer behavior, and marketing strategies. But, of course, you wouldn’t want your competitor to know you’re viewing their content. There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competition and seeing what they have to offer as long as you don’t copy their work.

Competitive research is an important strategy that allows you to understand how they market their products or services or why customers prefer to buy from them. Using an Instagram viewer app is a good start to conduct your research while staying anonymous.

With a viewer app, you can gather essential information about your competition from both private and public Instagram profiles. Aside from this, you can download and save their posts and stories for further research or inspiration, as well as go over their direct messages.

There are many Instagram viewer apps available in the market today, such as Glassagram. You can read a Glassagram review to find out more about the viewer app.

Continue reading to learn all the ways private Instagram viewers can help your brand:

 1. Discovering Your Competitor

Since you can view your competitor’s direct messages, you’ll be able to gain insights into the challenges they may be dealing with and how they address them. Feedback from their consumers will give you an idea of whether their product successfully fulfills their promises. You may even learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, you notice that it takes them a week to respond to messages. With this knowledge, you can make sure to send a meaningful message about your brand by providing excellent customer service. This isn’t an attack on your competition but rather a tactic to increase brand awareness.

2. Observing How Your Competitor Executes Campaigns

Saving your competitor’s sponsored and static posts, stories, IGTV, and live feeds with viewer apps and analyzing them will help you paint a vivid picture of how they get to the nitty-gritty of their marketing campaigns.

By reviewing their content and applying what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to launch a successful campaign.

3. Analyzing Their Market

Without following your competition’s page, you can download their list of followers, see their demographics, and check their authenticity.

You might be surprised to know that the massive following they have are primarily bots, and the engagement spike they’re experiencing isn’t real but manufactured.

Even though many experts would say that the follower count on an Instagram page is a mere vanity metric, you can’t deny the fact that there’s a magnetic pull to an account with a large number of followers. Brands with a strong following are viewed as credible, thereby attracting a lot of users and making them interested in their content.

4. Finding Out What The People Are Raving And Ranting About

Another benefit of using an Instagram viewer app for competitive research is to browse through the comments and reactions of your target audience. You’ll have an idea of how many people are praising or complaining about a product or service.

What people say about a specific brand is critical. It’s easy to be impressed by a lot of comments and assume there’s great interest in your competitor. However, not all comments may be positive or even relevant. Some might just be repetitive from a few accounts too. So, it’s important to take a close look at them.

5. Knowing Where Your Competition Gets Inspiration

It might be hard to figure out how your competitor churns out ideas for their products or services. How did they come up with a brilliant photo of a model wearing a colorful cocktail dress at a resort? But with a viewer app, you’ll be able to know that they were inspired by the Caribbean.

You can gather significant information about your competition’s sources of inspiration, such as how an island influenced their summer beachwear collection or how a city gave rise to the color palette of their new makeup line. Once you’ve realized what inspired them, you’ll be able to go above and beyond and produce something that will make you stand out from your competitors.


Instagram viewer apps aren’t just tools for everyday users but also professionals. Knowledge is power—the more you understand your competition, the more effective your campaigns are.

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