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The habits of travelers in recent years have changed and more and more users rely on the Internet to book their holidays . Those who work in tourism and have a travel agency cannot be found unprepared, indeed they will have to consolidate their online presence to intercept the needs of potential customers.

For travel agencies, having a site in the digital age that advances is a necessity and there are different types to choose from, depending on the marketing objectives of the business. On the one hand, it will be possible to create a showcase website , where to show the tours and travel experiences available, from which to generate leads through special forms to collect the contacts of interested users.

On the other hand, you can choose an e-commerce site , which gives the traveler the opportunity to book their holiday directly online. Finding your way around domains, hosts and graphic themes is not always easy, but services such as Italiaonline’s DIY site allow you to create a customized website that allows you to expand your pool of potential customers and increase your online presence.

Travel Agencies: The Advantages Of Having a Website

In recent years, the tourism sector has experienced an unprecedented boom in online bookings. Travel agencies often entrust their services to OTA platforms , such as Booking or Expedia , where however commissions are paid on conversions in customer bookings and you have to work your way through the services offered by the competition.

Having their own website therefore represents an opportunity for those who work in tourism to have greater autonomy, planning a marketing strategy that allows them to obtain lasting results in the long term and to beat the competition. Another advantage of creating a website for your travel agency concerns the possibility of offering an online booking service that is direct between customer and business: on the one hand, the online presence will allow a greater flow of bookings, reducing the cost of commissions. to OTAs and guaranteeing a greater profit margin.That’s why it’s no surprise why many travel agencies decide to go with a trusted¬†Miami web design company when it comes to the creation of their website.

What a Website For Travel Agencies Should Be Like

Before identifying the type of site that best suits your business, it is necessary to define the objectives you want to achieve. In addition to the individual landing pages on the services offered by the travel agency , there are two main types of sites that can consolidate the online presence of the business: showcase or e-commerce websites.

Creating a showcase website for the travel agency is the lowest cost solution, which allows you to present the services offered, from tours to travel experiences. The goal will be to generate leads , i.e. contacts of potential interested customers , who will be able to enter their data in a special form from which to send the request for information.

It is a solution especially suitable for small businesses, which have not developed customized services and prefer to generate customized experiences tailored to the customer.

For travel agencies that already have a solid position in the tourism sector, you can opt for an e-commerce website , which in addition to consolidating the online presence also allows you to manage a booking and purchase platform for the tours offered. In both cases, what should never be missing are an About Us section that describes the agency and its business, a section that presents the offer of tours and bookable experiences and a contact page, both to generate leads and reservations.

How To Create a DIY Website: The Tools

Now that it is clear what the travel agency needs, all that remains is to evaluate what tools are available to create websites. Navigating between domains, hosts, SEO content optimization and Analytics trackers to evaluate the performance of your site is not easy, but there are services that offer the possibility of quickly creating an authoritative website at an economical price, such as DIY site by Italiaonline.

This handy tool with a drag-and-drop platform allows you to create a website that contains up to 6 pages by moving elements comfortably with the mouse. The price of 149 euros per year plus VAT always includes domain and hosting, as well as unlimited storage space for photos and videos of the wonderful places that the user can visit.

By relying on the DIY site you can choose from 50 templates available, a responsive layout that guarantees maximum usability on both desktop and mobile devices, and the possibility of inserting WhatsApp widgets and contact forms to engage potential customers directly and fast.

Furthermore, you can use Google Analytics trackers to evaluate the audience of the site, profile your audience and consolidate your online presence thanks to the PagineGialle card included in the price.

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