Green Pass On WhatsApp, The Police Warn: Beware Of That Link


The Postal Police has issued a specific alarm: on WhatsApp, there is a doubly deceptive message about the Green Pass, with a hazardous link. The obligation of the Green Pass starting from August 6 gave the umpteenth opportunity to cybercriminals to try new scams against unsuspecting, inexperienced, and unwary users. 

After the Telegram groups in which certificates are sold at a high price, the WhatsApp message now promises to let us download the Green Pass by clicking on a link. But the association warns the Postal Police, who have already intercepted the message, that it is very dangerous, and users should carefully avoid falling into the trap. 

Unfortunately, however, news of this type continues to circulate precisely because someone believes them to be true: creating such scams costs little, sending the message to millions of users costs nothing. 

Can obtain this revenue even if very few falls for it is very high. The game, for the bad guys, is always worth the candle. Here, then, is recognizing the dangerous message and what to do if you receive it. 

Green Pass On WhatsApp, How To Identify The Message

According to what was communicated by the Postal Police, the news running on WhatsApp is twice deceptive. Here is the text: “In this link, you can download the green certificate Green Pass COVID-19 which allows you to move freely throughout Italy without a mask “. 

The first deception is that we will not be able to have a Green Pass by visiting that site. The second deception is that we will not even be able to travel freely throughout Italy without a mask: even with the Green Pass, it is necessary to comply with the anti-Covid legislation in force. However, the double (false) promise is tempting for many, and, in the end, someone taps the link, and the scam comes alive.

With all the risks involved. Green Pass on WhatsApp, what are the chances Those who tap on the link inserted in the fake WhatsApp message on the Green Pass are sent to a counterfeit website, full of equally counterfeit institutional logos. Here he is asked for some information to issue the Green Pass. In practice, the user has to enter their data, that is, sensitive data and credit card data. 

It is clear that the risk is twofold: on the one hand, we can use our data to activate contracts without our knowledge, create fake social profiles, and score various types of scams (all risks that are also run by buying a Green Fake pass on Telegram).

On the other hand, giving your credit card details is equivalent to handing over your money to criminals, who will take a short time before drawing on our current account until it is emptied. For this reason, the advice of the Postal Police is obvious: “The Postal Police always recommends paying close attention to the links indicated in the messages and opening them only after verifying the integrity of the source of origin.  Can report any suspicious messages on the Postal Police portal.

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