What Is WhatsApp Pink And Why It Is Dangerous

WhatsApp Pink

The Fake Pink WhatsApp App Is a Dangerous “Info Stealer” Virus: Here’s How It Works, How It Spreads, And How To Remove The Infection.

There is a new danger for the over 2 billion users of WhatsApp: it is called WhatsApp Pink and it is a fake app that contains a very dangerous virus inside. It was discovered by a cybersecurity researcher from India, where WhatsApp Pink is circulating a lot.

According to experts, this fake WhatsApp app is circulating particularly in WhatsApp groups, where it is spread via a link that points to an unofficial Android app store. In addition to the news, the researcher also spread on Twitter a video in which another researcher shows the operation of the dangerous app, including the message sent to other smartphones.

Finally, The experts have published some advice to be implemented in the unfortunate event that the app has already been installed on the smartphone. But let’s start from the beginning: what exactly is WhatsApp Pink?

What Is WhatsApp Pink

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Pink is (or at least claims to be) a “ pink-tinted ” version of WhatsApp. The possibilities of customizing the WhatsApp theme are not very high, as we all know, so it is easy for many users (especially younger users in this case) to be attracted by the possibility of changing the colors of the app.

But, in reality, after installing the app instead of changing color to WhatsApp it quickly takes possession of our smartphone and implements a series of measures to make its removal more difficult.

Why WhatsApp Pink Is Dangerous

Immediately after the installation, WhatsApp Pink hides its icon and takes possession of our address book. Then he begins to send a message via the real WhatsApp app to all our contacts and within the groups to which we are subscribed. The message is the true method of spreading this virus.

The app is not found on the Play Store but only on alternative and unsafe stores. The links contained in the messages sent by WhatsApp Pink point to these stores. The fake app then begins to collect a large amount of user data and, like all ” info stealers “, searches for access data to online banks.

How To Remove WhatsApp Pink

Less than a second after installation, the WhatsApp Pink icon disappears from the smartphone home. But you can still remove the app, by going to Settings> Apps and notifications> Mosatra all apps> WhatsApp Pink> Remove

But it is still not enough to be sure that WhatsApp Pink does not continue to do damage, it is necessary to disconnect any device that may be connected to WhatsApp Web (here the procedure), empty the browser cache (the link to the infected app is opened via the browser because almost no user has installed the apps of the alternative stores) and then, above all, search among the permissions granted to the apps if there is something strange.

To check the permissions you need to go to Settings> Privacy> Manage permissions and check all the types of permissions granted to apps one at a time: if we find an authorization granted to WhatsApp Pink or other unknown apps, then we must revoke it.

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