Windows 365 Sold Out: Microsoft Stops Testing


Starting with a bang for Windows 365: the users registered for the test phase are too many, and Microsoft cannot offer power, memory, and storage space for everyone

Microsoft did not expect such a success either: Windows 365 tests were stopped due to “excess demand. ” The new version of Microsoft Windows has aroused great interest among “business” users who can already test it for free. Still, Microsoft had not set up a technical infrastructure capable of satisfying all these requests.

And then Microsoft’s director of Windows 365 program Scott Manchester was forced to announce on Twitter: “We have seen an incredible response to Windows 365, and we must stop our free trial program until we add more capacity .” Microsoft, meanwhile, has allowed users interested in trying Windows 365 to register in a sort of waiting list: as new computing capacity becomes available on Microsoft’s servers, will call them. This success, however, also hides the potential risk of the very idea that underlies Windows 365.

What Is Windows 365

To understand what has happened to the free testing program for Windows 365, we must first remember that what is Windows 365: it is not a new operating system, which you can download and install on your PC, but a new way to use the Microsoft operating system (today Windows 10, in the future also Windows 11 ).

The Windows 365 user, in practice, uses the operating system in streaming: he connects to the Windows 365 site, logs in with his credentials, and begins to use a remote virtual computer on which the existing operating system runs.

It doesn’t matter how powerful the computer the user is using because all the calculations take place on the virtual computer, which, in reality, is “inside” Microsoft’s servers. The Redmond company has monthly subscription plans: the user pays to have available total CPU, total RAM, storage space, and a version of Windows.

What Happened To Windows 365

Once you have explained how Windows 365 works, it is easy to understand what happened to the test program: Microsoft has “set aside “too little power, too little memory, and too little storage space on its servers. It cannot meet the demand from all users who want to try the new way to use Windows.

And here lies the whole crux of the problem: in the future, when Windows 365 is open to everyone and used by millions of people around the world, Microsoft will have to be able to guarantee power, memory, and space for everyone. Otherwise, sooner or later, someone will not be able to work because “Windows 365 is down “.

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