Influence Marketing – What Is It And How To Work With It

Influence Marketing

A huge number of Internet users subscribe to the channels of bloggers and celebrities they like, spend a lot of time watching their content, and consider their opinion authoritative, preferring to learn about major events from them. In terms of popularity, many bloggers successfully compete with TV channels, and their audience sometimes has millions of subscribers.

1. What Is Influence Marketing

Promoting products through channels run by celebrities, bloggers, or those who have sufficient authority and are considered leaders in some industries has long stood out as an independent direction-influence marketing. Major brands allocate significant amounts of their advertising budgets to work with influencers, and the dynamics of this relatively new type of marketing are showing steady growth.

2. Benefits Of Influencers

The audience that is subscribed to certain channels is characterised by a certain commonality of interests and a high level of involvement. By subscribing, they demonstrate a desire to see the posts of the blogger they like, and to be aware of his opinion and the events he covers. The channel audience often perceives a celebrity as a close acquaintance or even a friend, trusts his opinion, and strives to match his views on life.

3. How To Use Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers, you can achieve various goals, while the effectiveness of this type of advertising can be an order of magnitude higher than when using other marketing technologies:

1. Brand Promotion

By ordering an ad from a blogger or a post from a celebrity, you can increase awareness of your brand and products, as well as attract the attention of your audience.

2. Increase Brand Loyalty

It is also important to work out the negative and remove doubts. For example, they heard about you, they know, but the audience is not sure whether it is worth buying your products and whether they need them. An influencer, in their post or video, can demonstrate the use of the product, speak about its merits, and also show how simple, easy, and fast it can be to acquire it. It is important to remember here that the success of advertising will largely depend on the quality of your site’s usability. If the blogger said that everything is done in a couple of clicks, it should be so, otherwise, you will lose customers.

3. Increase Sales

With the help of influencer marketing, you can also increase the number of clicks to your site and direct sales. For the best effect, you can use promotional codes, discounts, and special offers. To increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you can offer to organize something like a contest or prize draw among subscribers. When the presentation of promotional material is carried out in an unobtrusive interactive form, the audience perceives everything more naturally and is more easily involved.

4. How To Choose An Influencer

When ordering an advertising post, do not chase large channels with millions of subscribers. In a huge audience, only a few of them can be active and interested in the channel.


Influence marketing is a modern and effective direction of advertising, and with proper organisation, relatively small investments in such advertising can bring great results.

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