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In This Article, We Will Try To Understand When To Publish Posts On Instagram, Knowing The Most Effective Time To Get More Visibility And Be More Successful

Posting your content on social networks for many people is an automatic operation, to be done when you have some free time, during the lunch break or in the evening, when you rest a little after dinner. However, for Instagram the timing, if you want to reach the public effectively, perhaps to advertise a brand or even just to make yourself visible in the best possible way, is definitely important. In fact, times cannot be random, and you need to be aware of when to post on Instagram.

When Can You Post On Instagram?

In fact, it is not enough to create captivating posts to be successful on this social network. It is also necessary that they are viewed by as many people as possible and by the type of users to whom you mainly want to address. In short, the so-called timing is fundamental. And it’s not just a question of times, but also of days of the week. In short, the best times to post on Instagram also depend on the days.

Finally, the type of user must also be considered: a student will have different hours from those that a professional can have, who in turn will look at the social networks at different times than an employee, or a worker. The general rule suggests that the best time to post on Instagram those of lunch or dinner when theoretically the number of connected users should be greater.

Again according to the general rule, the days with the best engagement rate are Thursdays and Fridays. Other useful times are between 5 and 11 and between 15 and 16.

When Can You Post On Instagram: look At The Algorithm

However, as already mentioned, there is not only the general rule to follow, but a number of things must be considered to determine the time to post on Instagram. Starting with the algorithm that makes the platform work, which often changes.

Therefore, if once the contents published on Instagram were viewable in chronological order, based on the time of insertion.

Now Instagram tends to show the contents with the highest engagement value first. Engagement is the engagement that the post has generated among users, i.e. the number of likes and comments it has generated. For this reason, it is essential that when you insert a post you do it at the times when the widest audience possible can view it.

How To Determine The Best Time To Post On Instagram

To understand what is the best time to post on Instagram, there are therefore quite precise strategies. Starting from identifying who your audience is. Therefore, if each account has a different audience, it will be necessary to evaluate case by case and use certain precautions that allow you to establish the best possible time slot.

It will therefore be necessary to make attempts, trying to post at different times of the day, trying to understand what the target audience is. It is also possible to schedule posts on Instagram at the previously established times.

Therefore, if you are addressing students, it will be avoided for example in the morning, when they are at school. If you are addressing those who do an ordinary job, with office hours, it may be useful to post early in the morning, before the start of work, as many are dedicated to social media while having breakfast, or during the break. lunch, between 12.30 and 14.30.

Finally, after 6 pm, when employees leave work, and until 10 pm. If you want to interact with commercial activities, it is better to avoid the weekend, while if you want to reach young people the weekend can be an excellent choice.

How To Know Precisely The Best Times To Post On Instagram

If you want to know precisely what is the best time to publish on Instagram, you will have to contact some external applications, such as Prime for Instagram or PostBot, which allow you to determine which are the most appropriate times for your profile.

Another very useful tool is Instagram Insights, which are made available directly from the social network. This is a series of statistical data, which can only be viewed if you have a company profile, in which important information is shown on followers, on age groups, but also on which days and times the profile is followed most.

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