Reducing The Environmental Impact: How Can a Company Do It?


We hear more and more frequently about climate change, both in relation to increasingly intense environmental phenomena and in relation to the concerns of young people who are looking for answers to a problem that is increasingly pressing for them.

The climate changes we are witnessing are caused by global warming, which brings with it various consequences (eg the melting of the ice with consequent sea-level rise) and is caused by the increase in the concentration of so-called “greenhouse gases” ( such as carbon dioxide, or CO2) which, already naturally present in the atmosphere, have strongly increased with the advent of industrialization.

To combat climate change it is therefore important to increasingly reduce the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere, both by removing them from the atmosphere itself (eg forestation) and by avoiding or reducing their emissions.

What Can a Company Do to Contribute To Sustainability?

Paperless Office

By eliminating paper, the company can make a small contribution to the fight against deforestation, the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after coal and oil. With the paperless office, you will appreciate savings in space, supplies, and hardware. Basing its operations and its documentation on dematerialization technologies can free the workforce from low added value activities, to dedicate it to perfect customer service.

Efficient Internet Connection

Thanks to an efficient Internet connection, supported by the use of the latest generation modems, it is possible to acquire a series of services such as the cloud, virtual switchboards that allow to reduce inefficiencies, as well as improve the quality of the service. The use of the latest generation modems, with high energy performance Wi-Fi and reusable packaging, can help reduce the environmental impact, also optimizing the product life cycle.

Small Daily Tricks

Starting from simple e-mails, some small tricks, such as sending light messages, attaching compressed files, or using hyperlinks rather than documents, can help reduce energy consumption. Avoiding standby devices like your computer can help you save up to 20 watts per hour. During the day, prefer natural lighting to artificial lighting and replace your lighting system with an energy-saving one (LED) and equip yourself with a wattmeter to monitor consumption.

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