iPhone 13 Is Already In Production: The New Confirmations

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 would arrive on time, unlike the current generation: thanks to the stocks of components built by Apple in the last year.

The difficult moment that led to the delay in the presentation of the iPhone 12 compared to the usual schedule would be behind us, at least for Apple. Although several other companies are still embroiled in the difficulties deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling with the chip shortage, according to the most recent rumors, Apple would have equipped itself to ensure that what happened in 2020 does not happen again.

So the iPhone 13 should be made official in mid-September, that is, in the same period in which the new smartphones with the Apple have been presented for years. Apple would have worked to create sufficient stocks of those components without which the new smartphones could not be assembled in time and the correct volumes.

So the iPhone 13 should arrive in mid-September ” breaking the second “. The same rumors that are unbalanced on their presentation state that the next iPhones will be almost identical to the current ones, except for the notch which should be smaller in light of the fact that Apple would have spent to miniaturize the components that make it possible. secure face unlocks.

The News To The Cameras Of The iPhone 13

And if the design will remain almost the current one, according to the previews of the companies that supply the cameras to Apple, the iPhone 13 will receive significant news to the camera group on which, however, many details have not been shared.

However, the rumors that have come in the past months on the account of the next generation of iPhone remain, which add up to the clues of the last hours. The iPhone 13 should integrate the optical stabilization system on the sensor, the current prerogative of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and will also improve the performance of the ultra-wide-angle camera. Finally, the Pro and Pro Max variants are expected to have a new ultra-wide sensor with an f / 1.8 aperture and six-element lenses.

“The sources pointed out that the next-generation iPhone should have 3D cameras and sensors to FaceID updated, resulting in increased use of VCM – have said the sources, adding that – Apple has also asked for component suppliers to increase their 30-40% capacity to meet demand “.

It is also said that the overall shipments of VCM to Apple should equalize the volumes that leave for all the manufacturers combined. In other words, if OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo, and the company absorb – together – 100, Apple – alone – absorb 100.

What Is Meant By VCM?

Under the acronym of VCM, in short, there are several components that manage the focus of the cameras, so they represent essential parts. Intuitively, as the number of cameras in a smartphone and their quality increase, the amount of VCM needed for the single unit also increases.

So in light of the fact that the cameras of the latest iPhones have grown in number and at the same time in quality, the number of VCMs has grown hand in hand, reaching a new peak on the iPhone 13.

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