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Since its inception, SharePoint has been synonymous with document management. Reinforced with intranet building tools, it becomes the primary platform for collaboration, fast communication, and quality processes in the company. As part of the webinar “SharePoint Online: a digital hub for storing corporate documents,” the system architect of SMART business Vladimir Moskalenko spoke about the main aspects of managing corporate contracts in a single system, creating algorithms for working with them, as well as how to simplify and speed up the preparation and negotiation of contracts.

SharePoint Online Is Part Of The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. What Are Its Advantages, And How Can This Product Be Used?

You can connect to SharePoint Online from any device: mobile, tablet, PC. It has its own native SharePoint App for the most popular versions of mobile OS; it can store files and access them from anywhere on the Internet. This allows users to stay mobile when working with documents, collaborating with colleagues, during project activities, etc.

As part of SharePoint Online and the Microsoft 365 platform, Microsoft offers users flexible and secure tools for working with documents in the browser using Office Web Applications. This is possible because Microsoft is constantly introducing the most modern technologies for information protection and data security into its services and products.

Microsoft also provides a unified approach to managing all services. Essentially, SharePoint is a complex multifunctional platform that contains components for collaboration, information retrieval, business process automation, business analysis, and data visualization. All data can be stored in a single SharePoint environment and shared with other employees and other organizations.

What Roles In The Organization Work With SharePoint, And How Do They Use It?

First of all, these are IT leaders. They need to work with documents and have constant access to information. They organize shared access to their employees to work with files, corporate information, coordinate or approve documents, perform search and analysis, and manage collaborative work processes with company data. SharePoint provides all of these features and provides a wide range of options for IT leaders.

The next are project managers and project team leaders who constantly interact with working groups, team members, contractors, etc. This interaction accompanies the setting of tasks, analytical and interim summaries of the project, and the generation of a report based on the data stored on SharePoint sites in libraries and lists.

Technical roles include architects, IT professionals, and developers. They use SharePoint as a platform to create business solutions, server solutions that interact with other systems. SharePoint Online includes a set of APIs that allow you to integrate with other platforms, with other systems, not just Microsoft. This makes it possible to build a holistic hub where all information will be flocked or displayed from external systems. All this is thanks to flexible development options. As part of SharePoint Online, Microsoft proposes to use modern development approaches, particularly for TalkNet developers or the front-end.

SharePoint Online can be used by all employees of the company, who in one way or another work on their PCs, laptops, or mobile phones, interact with their colleagues who need to be constantly in the working environment, and effectively use the company’s business processes. For developers, it means creating high-quality solutions, for managers – ensuring high-quality process management.

How To Build An Intranet?

Company data is stored on sites. SharePoint Online offers basic and simple things that allow any technician to create their intranet without company scale and technical training constraints. It would help if you started by creating hub sites or hubs that contain information about other sites. They allow you to build a single hierarchy, a single work environment based on two main site templates. These are Team Sites and Communication Sites. They have different purposes and different tools.

What Is The Advantage Of Hub Sites Over The Above Two?

Firstly, this is the consolidation of information, and secondly, the creation of a unified corporate approach to design: essential navigation elements, logos, UI. You can create a corporate network and corporate portal through these sites so that users have a single view of how and where data is stored. The hub site also allows you to organize a single search area, including subsites of the network.

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