How The New Microsoft Paint Co-creator Works

Microsoft Paint Co-creator Works

Co-creator is the new feature in Microsoft Paint for Windows 11 that allows you to use DALL-E generative AI to be able to create images.

Microsoft Paint Co-creator is a new feature built into the Windows 11 Paint app. It is an additional tool that allows you to “collaborate” with DALL-E, a generative artificial intelligence model capable of creating images from a simple textual description.

With Co-creators, therefore, Paint users have the opportunity to take advantage of AI to generate images without having to create them independently, using Paint’s tools, but relying on the skills and “imagination” of DALL-E. For the time being, the device that gives you access to generative AI is available in Preview but is set to become a central element of Microsoft’s editing app.

How To Sign In To Microsoft Paint Co-creator

Microsoft Paint Co-creator is integrated into the latest version of Paint for Windows 11 (you need at least version 22000.0 of the operating system). In most cases, the app is already pre-installed in the operating system.

In any case, you can still install or update it through the Microsoft Store, which can be reached both through the app and via a web browser. To access Co-creator, click on the appropriate button located at the top of the application, on the right. To do this, you need to enter your Microsoft account details by pressing on Sign In to be able to start using the new feature.

Microsoft Paint Co-creator is currently only available in select countries (the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany). In addition, in order to start using generative AI, you need to sign up for the waitlist by entering your email.

How To Use Microsoft Paint Co-creator

Using Microsoft Paint Co-creator is very simple. Just press on the Co-creator button, located at the top of the Paint app, to access the side tab dedicated to the function in question. At this point, in the text field “Describe what you want to create,” you need to enter a textual description of the image you want to obtain.

Next, you have to choose a style from the options offered (Charcoal, Ink Sketch, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Digital Art, Photorealistic, Anime, Pixel Art) and then press Create to generate the image.

To use the feature, you must use a co-creator credit. Initially, users have 50 credits at their disposal, and hence, they can use Co-creator to generate 50 different images. Once the creation of a piece of content is complete, the tool will provide the user with three different variations of the required image as a preview.
Microsoft Paint Co-creator is a cloud-based service. Creating images requires an active internet connection (as well as authentication with your Microsoft account). The computing power of your computer is not used to generate the image with DALL-E.

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