Windows 11 : The Start Menu Changes Again And Becomes Three

Windows 11

Important News For Some Of The Users Who Already Use Windows 11, Microsoft’s Recent Operating System: It Concerns The Start Menu, Which Is Made Up Of Three

Windows 11 has been a concrete novelty for a short time. Microsoft announced it amidst the frantic expectation of fans in the summer to make it available (initially for a lucky few) in early October, but not all the news of the new Redmond operating system was appreciated by fans, especially those concerning the Start menu.

A new approach to the Windows 11 Start menu, Microsoft now corrects the shot with a novelty that concerns it and is contained in the build 22509 of the Insider program, which is the one reserved for those who receive the Windows 11 updates provided for the beta channel. In other words, for the moment, it is being tested with developers or even Windows users who want to try the new features of the operating system before others, accepting the risk of having to deal with malfunctions or instabilities that typically can affect updates. Beta (but not the “stable” ones, i.e. those that traditionally Microsoft distributes to those who do not subscribe to the beta channel).

The Windows 11 Start Menu Goes Into Three

With the build 22509 Insider of Windows, several changes related to the Start menu debut, Which for intuitive reasons turns out to be among the elements of the Microsoft operating system most used by users all over the world. Thus, the Windows 11 Start menu gets three presets called Default, More Pins and More Recommendations, Italian Predefined, More apps fixed and More suggestions.

Default – it’s intuitive – allows you to leave everything unchanged, that is, the Start menu as we know it, while the other two are more attractive. With more app fixed, the user can add more icons, of course, set on first viewing, i.e. those associated Added, rather More tips is a system based on machine learning that goes to provide further visibility to the section Recommended articles, as well as files, documents or multimedia content that the system believes, may be most beneficial to the user at that time.

When The News For The Start Menu Arrives

Windows Insider users can already experience new with a right-click on the Start button. Whether it will arrive in the Windows 11 stable channel? At present, it’s impossible to say; Microsoft probably doesn’t know either.

It will depend on how the tests at the Insiders go, during which more or less essential bugs or malfunctions could emerge, and on the satisfaction of users. After this phase, like any other news that ends up on the beta channel, Microsoft will be asked to decide whether to promote it on the stable channel or give it up.

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