What Is CRM, And Why Should You Use It


Why Does A Freelancer Need A CRM System?

In the modern world, when independent work prevails, the importance of a CRM system for freelancers becomes obvious. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system that helps to maintain business relationships, collect and store all the necessary information. In this article, we’ll look at why freelancers might need CRM systems.

A CRM system is a software solution that allows you to store all information about current and previous customers and potential ones. This type of system can be quite complex, but they come in various options, allowing you to choose from a wide range of options and features. Despite the initial difficulty, it can be extremely beneficial for every freelancer.

Types Of CRM systems

Several types of CRM systems can be useful for freelancers. Here are some of them:

Operational CRM

This type of system is designed for people involved in sales and marketing. It captures customer interactions such as telephone conversations and other follow-up communications. Thus, you can have a detailed report on the daily progress and plan for changes.

Analytical CRM

This system offers various tools and methods that can be used to analyse a particular market situation and effectively design a successful marketing campaign. It also helps to determine how beneficial the client can be based on the information recorded about his participation in the project.

Collaborative CRM

When a client has multiple contacts with a company, it is important to keep track of this. This system can track multiple contacts simultaneously within an organization and helps you analyse how the information can be used to your advantage.

Benefits Of Using CRM For A Freelancer

If you’re just starting as a freelancer, your top priority is to spread the word about yourself and your services and get as many clients as possible. What tools can a CRM system offer?

Convenient Mailing And Communication Organization

A CRM system will allow you to develop a standard quotation template and save time easily. This will allow you to process dozens of emails and messages at the same time, which will help you quickly build a list of potential customers and expand your customer base!

Notes And Reminders

In a CRM system, you can use labels to take notes about customer needs, reminders and calendar alerts for important events, and mark deadlines.


You will be able to issue invoices and add payments in two clicks: directly from the client card or transaction, as well as keep a convenient record of finances, control the status of all accounts, and competently plan the budget, taking into account receivables and future expenses.

Document Handling And Storage

CRM stores and organizes files of any type, whether text or multimedia. You can add notes or tags to find and retrieve files faster and share and work on documents with colleagues or clients.

How To Choose The Right CRM System?

Nowadays, there are many CRM systems, each containing a different set of tools for each type of business. To choose the right CRM system and get the most out of it, initially try to form your expectations from the system. For example, you want to simplify the work with clients or plan to organize your team’s work.

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