Google Nest WiFi, The Router To Surf At Maximum Speed, Costs Very Little

Google WiFi router

The Google WiFi router is on a special offer with a 56% discount, and you save € 90 on the list price. Here’s what it’s for and how it works?

Surfing at full speed is the dream of everything. But this is not always successful. Indeed, rarely. And the causes are the most varied: lousy signal reception, clogged control units, or a router that cannot cover the entire surface of the house. If we can do very little in the first two cases, if we do not try to change the Internet Provider, the situation changes when we talk about the router. In fact, as in all tech devices, even for routers, we find top-of-the-range and cheaper models. If we want to be sure of having a fast and stable connection, it is necessary to buy a top router, even if very often the cost is relatively high.

Today, however, there is a super offer for the Google Nest WiFI, the router from the Mountain View company that ensures very high performance. On Amazon, we find it in a special request with a discount of 56%, and you save almost 90 € compared to the price list. This is a special promotion and not to be missed for any reason. We are dealing with a router that covers an area of ​​120 square meters and supports up to 200 devices connected simultaneously. In short, an excellent solution also for offices. Here’s how it works and how much it costs.

Google Nest WiFi: Features, What It Is For, And How It Works

If you have problems with connection and signal coverage, the Google Nest WiFI router is the possible solution to your problems. It is a router that connects to the Internet Provider’s modem, which helps keep the connection stable and amplifies the signal. It manages to cover an area of ​​about 120 square meters.

One of the strong points of the Google Nest WiFi router is its ease of use and configuration. After connecting it to the power outlet, log into the Google Home app and follow the wizard. Within five minutes, the router will be ready for use. In addition to playing its role very well, the Google Nest WiFi can also be used as an intelligent hub for the smart home. It can manage all home automation devices with great ease.

Also, through the app, it is possible to create a guest network to share with friends and relatives who visit us or set up parental control to limit access to content unsuitable for children. The router also allows you to prioritize some devices connected to the network to make them go faster. Watching movies and TV series in 4K is no longer a problem with the Nest WiFi.

Google Nest WiFi On Offer On Amazon: Price And Discount

The Google Nest WiFi is on Amazon for € 69.99, with a discount of 56% compared to the list price. This is a vertical drop in the price and an all-time low on the e-commerce platform. The savings compared to the list price is almost 90 €. It is currently the best-selling device on Amazon in its product category, so that stocks may run out soon: we advise you to take advantage of it as quickly as possible.

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