How Long Does A Laptop Battery Last

Laptop Battery

Knowing how long an essential battery lasts helps to know its capacity; in this way, it is possible to estimate its autonomy.

When buying a laptop, in addition to the processor, RAM and video card, one of the features that makes the difference is the battery life. The only problem is that, in most cases, the estimates offered by companies are inaccurate. Or at least they are not estimates, considering the intensive use of the notebook.

If the company guarantees an autonomy of 7-8 hours, in reality, after 4-5 hours, we will already have to recharge the laptop. The data offered by the companies does not include the use of programs for 2-3 consecutive hours and the opening of 15-20 pages on browsers.

So, how do you determine how long the battery lasts? It is necessary to study the device’s technical data sheet and read the battery’s characteristics. Alongside, we will find some numbers and acronyms that indicate the battery’s power. Through this information, we can truly understand how long the notebook battery lasts.

How To Calculate Laptop Battery Life

There is a straightforward formula that allows you to understand the autonomy of the notebook. But it is necessary to know one datum of the battery: the watt-hour (the total energy supplied if a power of one watt (W) is maintained for one hour – unit of measure Wh or Whr). For battery capacity on smartphones, mAh is used.

Usually, this data is present in the technical data sheet of the device. Still, if this is not the case, inferring it from other characteristics relating to the battery is possible. The formula for understanding how long your laptop battery lasts is simple: watt-hours/ watts. The denominator varies depending on how you use the computer and indicates a different result.

The energy consumed by the laptop can range from a minimum of 5-10W per hour to a maximum of 85-90W per hour. It depends on how you use it. Usually, the consumption is between 15-20W (an open word processor and a browser with four to five pages).

But if we use the laptop for gaming, this figure increases dramatically, and the battery rarely lasts more than an hour. It is a proper “trick” to get a rough idea of ​​battery life.

By keeping the laptop connected to the current, it is always possible to maintain the maximum charge of the battery. It is a valuable alternative for those who use the notebook at home. For use outside the home, however, it is essential to have good autonomy, with a battery capable of guaranteeing the right amount of Wh.

How To Find Out The Watt Hours Of The Battery

Companies do not always indicate the battery’s Wh. In some cases, it is possible to find the battery power expressed in mAh: just use an online converter to find out the watt-hours of the battery.

If, on the other hand, the battery characteristics are not indicated on the laptop packaging, you can use third-party programs that allow you to find out this information. An online search can also help locate this data.

Having a large battery is significant and represents an essential requirement to be able to count on a laptop with high battery life. This is a factor that should not be underestimated: laptops, in fact, generally do not have the fast charging of smartphones and must guarantee a “full” day of use.

Why Does The PC Battery Last So Little?

The autonomy declared by the notebook manufacturer is usually much greater than the real one. All too often, laptop batteries last very little, creating many problems for those who need a laptop for “on-the-move” use.

Excessive consumption of your laptop battery can depend on various factors. Among these, we find:

  • a processor that consumes too much
  • non-optimized software
  • a large, high-resolution display
  • carrying out high-consumption activities (such as gaming)

We must, therefore, constantly evaluate case by case when trying to identify the causes of excessive battery consumption. On a Windows 11 notebook, you can access helpful power consumption information by going to Settings > System > Power & Battery> View detailed report. MacBook has the Activity Monitor app, which includes the Energy section, which can help keep an eye on consumption.

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Laptop

It is necessary to resort to some measures, avoiding carrying out tasks that are too demanding, such as gaming and reducing the display’s brightness. Not being able to replace the battery with a larger unit to increase the autonomy of the laptop, it is necessary to resort to energy saving.

This is a particular mode of use in which the operating system adopts a series of measures to reduce consumption. To activate this mode on Windows 11, go to Settings > System > Power and Battery> Battery Saver. On a MacBook, however, you can start energy saving by going to Apple > System Settings > Battery.

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