How The New Microsoft PC Manager Works

Microsoft PC Manager Works

PC Manager is the new app created by Microsoft to allow users to optimize the operation of their Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC; here’s how it works.

Microsoft PC Manager is a new program, currently available in beta versions for Windows 10 and Windows 11, which serves to improve PC performance. It is a very light application that allows you to intervene on some parameters to regulate the operation of the operating system, monitoring the available storage space, memory usage, active processes, and various security aspects.

What Microsoft PC Manager Does

Microsoft PC Manager is a software similar to various apps widely used in the past, such as CCleaner, which promised an improvement in PC performance thanks to various tools to adjust the operating system’s settings and other parameters. The tool made by Microsoft allows quick access to various Windows management and monitoring features.

In fact, with PC Manager, it is possible to check the available storage space, delete unnecessary files and apps, and clean up temporary files. With the app, you can access all active processes without opening the Task Manager to close any processes slowing down the PC.

A function also allows you to manage the active apps when Windows 11 is opened, blocking the launch of applications that slow down the operating system in the phases after the PC is turned on. With the Health Check section, on the other hand, it is possible to access a summary of the system status with the app, which will suggest to the user some operations to perform to improve performance.

PC Manager also includes a section dedicated to operating system security, with the ability to initiate a scan, manage Windows Update downloads, and change web browser settings, all with just a few clicks.

How To Download Microsoft PC Manager

The new tool created by Microsoft is already available for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users even if, at least for the moment, it is a Public Beta, and some functions may not be fully usable. To install PC Manager, simply access the Microsoft Store through the app pre-installed on the PC and through the version accessible via the browser.

Once you have identified the app on the store, just proceed with the download and subsequent installation. The app requires no setup, and you don’t need to sign in with your Microsoft account to use the various Windows management tools.

Once the installation is complete, the PC Manager will be immediately active and able to start monitoring the operation of the operating system. Since this is a beta version, it is possible that, shortly, Microsoft will enrich the application with the introduction of additional tools designed to maximize the functioning of Windows.

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