What Is The USB OTG Port, And What Is It For


The USB OTG port is a very simple and equally convenient component present on almost all smartphones and tablets: what is it, and what is it for

In the past, there were very few smartphones with USB OTG support, today the scenario is the opposite, and there are very few who do not have it. Its massive diffusion has prompted many to wonder what that acronym means and what the USB OTG is for, how we can exploit it in short.

Meanwhile, the acronym: OTG stands for On The Go, literally on the road or in motion. And with a few steps, it becomes intuitive to understand what it is: it is a specification of the USB port that allows a smartphone or tablet to do the opposite of what it usually does, that is, to feed and transfer data to an external device. The USB OTG port is often exploited to transfer files in the memory of the smartphone or tablet in a USB stick to free space or pass them to someone else. Therefore, through the USB OTG port, you can share something with an external device or use an accessory, hence On The Go.

What Is The USB OTG Port?

THEREFORE, the USB OTG, in a nutshell, and simplifying as much as possible, works in the same way as the USB-A port of a computer, which can connect keyboards, storage media, mice, and so on. The OTG allows you to do the same with a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Having become aware of the USB OTG port, one may wonder what purpose it can be useful for. Let’s see it right away.

What is the USB OTG Port For

First, you can connect a storage medium. Usually, it is a USB stick to which you can entrust files, films, various documents, but much more often, photos and videos, which, especially on vacation, end up taking up too much memory space and weighing down the smartphone.

It can also connect An external hard drive to the USB OTG (provided it is not too powerful due to the low energy with which the smartphone can power an external device), but it is usually more convenient to use a USB stick, especially when you are out and about.

Some use the USB OTG port to connect a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard to the phone. Few people know that Android can show a pointer on the smartphone or tablet display if necessary, so in light of the power of current products, the smartphone can sometimes become an excellent replacement for the PC.

Precisely with this in mind, connecting a keyboard to the USB OTG port can be useful in case you suddenly need to write an important communication, an email, or an articulate thought, and you have a keyboard available. The one displayed on the screen is certainly not as comfortable as a “real” keyboard, especially when you have to type for a long time.

A gamepad represents another option. Smartphone games, even in light of the power achieved, are increasingly complex and fascinating, so you shouldn’t be surprised if one day you want to take advantage of USB OTG to connect a joypad. There are several for sale online, smaller than usual, comfortable to carry around, even at low prices.

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