When Will We See The First Foldable iPhone?

Foldable iPhone

Apple will make a foldable iPhone, but it’s still unclear when. Two of the most influential voices on the web have a date in mind, but it remains to be seen how it will be

Some will undoubtedly be surprised by the fact that Apple has not yet thrown itself into the fray of folding smartphones. Still, those who know well the habits of the Cupertino company know that in those parts, there is no launching on a segment that is still avant-garde without the certainty of having in your hands a good product from every point of view.

First Samsung and then Huawei tested themselves within a year of the presentation of Royale Flexpai, the first folding smartphone in history, while Apple in recent years has been less impulsive. He prefers to wait, push the others forward, and then throw himself into the competition to mature technologies; that is when you are sure to come up with a product that can compete at the highest levels without major critical issues.

So for the foldable iPhone, which many would like to see soon on the market. All the insiders are somewhat convinced of this, including two who usually, when they speak, do not do it by chance because their words end up making noise.

Foldable iPhone No Earlier Than 2023

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, perhaps the best-known Apple whistleblower globally, recently stated that the foldable iPhone would not hit the market before 2023. If so, you should arm yourself with patience for the next two years at least, but you would then be rewarded with a product with a flexible display with QHD + resolution and an 8-inch diagonal.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also recently unbuttoned himself on the subject, according to whom a lot of patience is still needed before having factual information on the folding iPhone. The reporter is much vaguer than Kuo on the possible specifics and the possible times of arrival on the market.

“I think Apple will make a foldable iPhone, but it will take at least two or three years. In my opinion, and I think I speak on behalf of many others, an iPhone with a flexible screen of 7 or 8 inches would be ideal”, Gurman said.

It is evident that, unlike Kuo, Gurman has less detailed information on a project. If it is planned so far in time, several steps are still missing before it can be considered minimally concrete.

Gurman has his say on the diagonal of the foldable iPhone display. In contrast, Kuo has launched an accurate prediction, adding that the first foldable iPhone prototypes would already be in Apple’s hands.

Apple Would Already Have The Foldable iPhone Prototype

In short, the information is quite fragmented, and it will probably take several months for the first hypotheses and, more generally, rumors to begin to flow in such a number as to get an idea.

In any case, it is clear that Apple is seriously working on the project because the patents filed and approved with the Apple logo stamped on it are certainly not lacking. The ideas are there, you need to make a square around what you want to bring to the market, and Apple is historically excellent, starting from the concept of ‚Äč‚Äčexperience that you want to bring into the hands of customers to get them to design, understood as aesthetics and necessary hardware.

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