5 Good Reasons To Buy Screen Protectors

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Today, most of us have a smartphone of some kind. We use them in many different contexts and we would probably have a hard time dealing with life without them. Your smartphone is used for everything from finding your way to checking bus connections, making shopping lists, and keeping up to date on news both from home and abroad. The most important thing of all is that we use our smartphones to keep in touch with the outside world.

A smartphone can be used for all sorts of things and has become an important tool for us. Therefore, it also feels like the world is going under when you drop the phone and the screen breaks.

The larger the screen, the greater the risk of it breaking or scratching. Therefore, it is good to protect your assistant with some form of screen protector. This is where screen protectors come into play.

Here are five good reasons to buy a screen protector for your smartphone or another mobile device.

1)Lower risk of a damaged screen

The main reason for buying a screen protector is that it reduces the risk of screen breaking. A phone does not withstand much, and if your smartphone is dropped from a high altitude, both the screen and the protection will probably break. But the protection takes the brunt, and in most cases, it will only be what breaks – not your screen.

The screen protector thus acts as a protective layer that can ensure that your screen has a significantly longer lifespan. Depending on the type of protection you choose, it varies how resistant the protection is, but no matter, it will always give your smartphone extra protection in the event of an accident.

If you want to secure your smartphone – and yourself – from a damaged screen, then you are wise if you invest in a screen protector for iPhone 11, or whatever you have for a smartphone.

2)You Protect The Screen From Scratches

A cover for iPhone 8 or another smartphone protects the screen from being damaged. In addition, it lies like a protective layer, which minimizes the number of scratches on the screen. This means that you can also ensure that the screen stays nice for a long time with the help of a screen protector.

You usually keep your smartphone in a pocket or bag when you are on the go. Here you will probably also find keys and other things that you always wear. In particular, keys are bad for screens and can cause a lot of scratches. Therefore, it pays to invest in protection for your smartphone.

3)It Is Cheap To Replace The Screen Protector

It can be an expensive pleasure if you have to replace the screen on your smartphone time after time, as it breaks or becomes too scratchy. On the other hand, replacing your protective glass for iPhone 8 or another smartphone does not cost much. In addition, the installation is easy to manage. All in all, it is a much cheaper and easier solution than having to change the smartphone screen every time something happens.

You can find screen protectors for Huawei P20 Pro and other smartphones from many different manufacturers. Many variants cost only a few hundred kroner, and that is money well spent. Compared to a complete screen replacement, buying screen protectors for your iPhone XS, iPad or LG is a much cheaper solution.

4)Screen Protector Does Not Affect Your User Experience

One of the great things about mobile protection is that it does not affect your user experience. It is completely transparent, so everything is just as usual. In addition, it does not reduce the sensitivity of the screen, so you can continue to use the touch screen just as you are used to.

With screen protection for OnePlus, HTC, or any other smartphone, you get optimal protection without affecting how you use your phone. As long as the protective glass is mounted correctly and there are no air bubbles under the protection, you can use your smartphone as usual. Even if you have protected your iPhone X, iPhone 7, or Samsung Galaxy with a layer of glass, your user experience will remain unchanged.

5)You Can Protect Your Privacy With a Screen Protector

You will find screen protectors for all smartphones on the market. Whether you have an iPhone 7 Plus or a Sony Xperia, the protection has been developed especially for your phone. This means that the protection fits perfectly at all angles and edges. Whether you buy a glass cover for iPhone 6 or example iPhone XS, make sure you choose the right screen protector for your particular phone.

In addition to the fact that you can find screen protectors for all mobile devices, it is also the case that today you can find protective glass with many different smart functions. For example, there is a product that allows you to easily turn off your front camera. At a time when it is becoming more and more important to protect your privacy, it can be extremely good to invest in this type of screen protector.

If you care about protecting your privacy, you can also get a screen protector that means you can not see from the side what is happening on your smartphone. If you look at the screen from the side, it will be dark, while those looking straight ahead can still use the screen as usual. It gives you optimal protection wherever you go.

Therefore, You Should Buy Screen Protectors For Your Mobile Devices

There are almost only good reasons to invest in screen protectors. It’s much cheaper than having to replace the screen on your smartphone – or another mobile device – when it breaks.

The glass does not protect the screen from everything, but it can handle most things. So you can expect a significantly longer screen life if you protect it with a screen protector. The glass is tempered to be extremely robust, so your smartphone gets real protection. If you want to enjoy your smartphone for as long as possible, the safety glass is the way forward.

How to mount a screen protector correctly on your screen

Start By Turning Off Your Mobile

It is easier for you to see dirt and dust on the screen if the phone is not on. You will get the best result if the screen is completely clean of dirt so that you avoid stains or bubbles under the protective glass.

Open The Cover

In the package you will find 1x protective glass, 1x cleaning cloth for cleaning before assembly, and 1x microfiber cloth for wiping the glass before assembly.

Start Cleaning The Screen

Start by cleaning the screen with the cleaning cloth over the entire screen, even in the corners. Then wipe with the microfiber cloth so that the screen is completely dry.

Fit The Cover

Remove the plastic and place the glass on the screen. You can advantageously mount the glass horizontally with your thumbs on one side and your index fingers on the other side. The goal is to distribute the glass evenly over all edges.

Remove Air Bubbles

By pushing any air bubbles against the edges, you get the protective glass to attach to your screen.

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