How To Bring A Queue Of Customers To B2B? List Of Working Recommendations

Customers To B2B

The article deals specifically with paid traffic channels. Suitable for those who solve the problem of increasing the number of hits from customers in B2B.

What have you tried?

  • Quiz sites. Sites where they ask 3-4 questions one after another and then ask for a phone number instead of super useful information.
  • Master campaigns. A new type of campaign in Yandex. Direct, where Yandex promises to do everything for you.
  • Commercial semantics. When the ad is set to these words: “product name + buy, price.”
  • General semantics. These keywords are specified: “product name.”
  • Semantics of a similar solution: the name of a similar solution, but, for example, less technologically advanced and cheaper.
  • Search and YAN, auto-strategy for clicks. Your advertising is under the search bar in Yandex and in banners on different sites.
  • Retargeting and look-alikes. Advertising on those who have already been on your site but have not wanted to chat. And an audience of people similar to those who left applications. Yandex algorithms determine the similarity.
  • Bases from CRM. Phones or emails of customers who have already contacted but did not buy anything or bought little.
  • Audience of purchased databases of emails and numbers. You can upload this data to Yandex; it will find these people on the Internet and show ads.

What worked?

Commercial and general semantics, auto-strategies in search, and YAN worked best. All other hypotheses worked several times worse. In total, an average of 400 requests from customers per month, up to 800 rubles each.

Autoload to all cities

In Avito, it is possible to upload ads, not one at a time but immediately in a bundle using Excel plates. It’s called autoload, it costs about 3,000 per month, and you can load hundreds of ads.

Then I loaded these ads every day to always be as high as possible in the search results when a potential client starts to score in the search “buy your product.”

An important nuance: Avito needs the uniqueness of ads – I had several product models for this. Additionally, I changed the little things in each ad to avoid questions from Avito.

You can also download a list of cities immediately in Excel. I chose large cities and needed clarification with pictures – if the city has our equipment – I put it on the cover. Recognition increases clickability.

For large cities with high competition, I used several ads per day.

When there were problems with processing in the chat, I prepared an auto-response script. To set up an auto-reply, you can use different services. I used Wazzup.

But, of course, there is nothing better than manual processing. In Avito, the response speed is extremely important since Avito always sends stupid pushes and many turn-off notifications, so they go to Avito and negotiate with the seller, who immediately talks to them at the moment.

What Worked?

Autoloading in major cities works fine; on average, 150 leads per month, up to 300 rubles each. Auto-replies work worse; the phone gives an average of every fourth. With manual processing every third. Since there are a lot of target leads in Avito, the conversion at this stage can be significantly increased by working on sales in correspondence since a person wants to buy in correspondence and is sad when he is forcibly pulled to a call.

But even so, the phone’s price was 900 – 1200 rubles, which is reasonable.


Many people use Avito not only to buy “goods for summer cottages.” Here they sell b2b goods for several million.

An additional plus of Avito: since this is the largest marketplace, hot traffic from organic search results also goes to Avito.

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