Ozon Has Developed An Investment Platform, Bank Cards, And An Online Wallet


Ozone Invest. Ozon has been developing its financial business since 2018. First, he launched the Ozon Invest service. Through it, Ozon sellers received money for business development from individuals. Any user could invest at least 10 thousand rubles in the Ozon seller business for up to six months and receive 18% per annum. At the same time, Ozon itself took a commission – 6% of the loan amount.

Private investors chose Ozon Invest because of its high yield, and borrowers were willing to pay higher interest to get money faster.

In 2021, Ozon Invest turned into a B2B service. Ozon itself and various banks began to issue loans to sellers, for example, Sber. Business, Simple Finance, Papa Finance. The borrower registers on the platform and fills out an application. The bank approves it within a few days and forms a payment schedule. 

The borrower repays the debt from the company’s turnover on the marketplace. And Ozon Invest takes 2% of the loan amount.

Ozone card. In 2019, Ozon also launched non-named Ozon Card bank cards in partnership with the Russian payment system Zolotaya Korona. Customers received cashback in the form of points: 3% for purchases on Ozon and 1.5% in other stores. Points could pay for 99% of the order, and one end was equal to one ruble.

Ozon Account. In 2021, the marketplace created its fintech service. In May, Ozon bought Oney Bank and renamed it Ozon Bank. I integrated it into the marketplace structure, launched an Account based on Ozon Bank, and stopped issuing Ozon Cards.

The built-in online wallet has completely replaced bank cards. The user can pay for goods on Ozon from it, get 30% cashback points, spend them on other interests, and issue an instant refund if necessary.

To open an Ozon Account, the user goes to the section of the same name on the website in the application and goes to the landing page of Ozon Bank. Enters a phone number, email address and comes up with a code word. You can top up your account balance from another card or via SBP.

Own bank allows the marketplace to save on acquiring, offer seamless financial products, and keep users on the site. In just two months, 1 million people became clients of Ozon Bank. In January 2022, Ozon Account users made an average of 24% more orders than customers who do not have an e-wallet

Wildberries Bought Its Bank And Launched A Virtual Bank Card

In February 2021, Wildberries acquired Standard Credit Bank and renamed it Wildberry Bank in August. In January 2022, 5 months after the conflict with Visa and Mastercard, Wildberries integrated the bank into the marketplace structure and launched WB Card. This virtual bank card gives a 2% discount on all products.

To issue a card, the user enters his account on the site. 

You should enter your full name and date of birth, SNILS or TIN, and passport number. The user enters them manually. The questionnaire offers automatic filling out the form through the State Services, but this option did not work for us.

After filling out the application, the user sees the message “Application sent” and receives an SMS with the card’s PIN code. A few minutes later, the bank card appears in your account on the website and in the Wildberries app. But it is impossible to see its details – the marketplace forgot about this option.

Wildberries has developed a separate WB Card application to manage the card. To log in, you need to specify your passport number and full name, enter the SMS code, and set a new password. The card will immediately appear in your account, which can be replenished via SBP or transfer.

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