Solving Quadratic Equations – Definition

Quadratic Equations

Did you know that in mathematics, solving quadratic equations is a type of problem that deals with a variable multiplied by itself is an operation known as squaring? It derives from the area of a square; its side length multiplied by itself.

Four Ways Of Solving Quadratic Equations

The four methods of solving quadratic equations are:-

● Factoring
● Using the square roots
● Completing the square
● Quadratic Formula

Solving Systems Of Equations

Solving systems of equations can be classified in a similar manner as single equations. Systems of equations find applications in our day-to-day lives in modelling problems where the unknown values can be represented in the form of variables.

Four Methods Of Solving Systems Of Equations

The three ways to solve systems of linear equations in two variables are:-

● Graphing method
● Substitution method
● Elimination method
● Matrix method

Equations In Everyday Life

Did you ever know that simultaneous equations can be used to solve everyday problems, especially those that are more difficult to think through without writing anything down?

Here, are a few examples of simultaneous equations that are used in day-to-day life:-

● Rate, Distance, and Time
● Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
● The Best Deal
● The Best Plan
● Deciding on a Loan
● Cost and Demand
● In the Air
● The Best Job for the Money
● Investing Wisely

Uses Of Quadratic Equations In Daily Life

There are many uses of quadratic equations in our daily life. Did you know that? It also plays a very important role in the survival of human beings. Sometimes people solve the equations and they are not aware of it because it comes in naturally. The fields that involve the calculation of speed, area, or determining profit have to involve quadratic equations. It can be directly or indirectly.

A few examples of quadratic equations are:-

● Figuring a Profit – It is often used to calculate business profit. Even when it comes to dealing with small products, you need to solve a quadratic equation to determine how many of them will make a profit.

● Calculating Room Areas – When construction takes place constructors use quadratic equations to determine the area. The areas of other things such as a piece of land and boxes are even calculated.

● Quadratics in Sports – Did you know that there are many uses of quadratic equations in sports daily? It has also become very useful in sports gameplay and analysis as well.

● Learning – Learning is a part of our daily life. In the education system, quadratic equations play a big part in it. It is the classrooms where it all begins. If you become a mathematics, physics or computer science lecturer then chances are there that you will be dealing with these types of calculations every day.

● Finding a Speed – Did you know that finding the speed of a given object may lead to the formation of a quadratic equation? Even kayakers use these equations when determining the amount of speed they have to apply while going up or down a river.

● Military and Law Enforcement – Even in determining the speed of moving objects such as cars and planes quadratic equations are often used by the military or law enforcement too. The military can also use them to determine the distance between them and in approaching their enemies.

● Management and Clerical Work – There have been thousands of management and clerical works that involve the use of quadratic equations in our daily lives. For example, production managers and engineering managers supervise people that are dealing with equations.

● Agriculture – Even in agriculture quadratic equations are also applied extensively. Human beings cannot survive without agriculture. So this means that these equations play a major role in the existence of the human race. One of the biggest applications of quadratic equations in agriculture is in the arrangement of the boundaries.

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