What Changes With The New ChatGPT In Italy


OpenAI has partially responded to the requests of the Italian Privacy Guarantor: ChatGPT is back available in Italy, but the question still needs to be closed.

Access to the ChatGPT chatbot is available again in Italy. The beginning of April saw the Italian Authority for the Protection of personal data, i.e., the Privacy Guarantor, prohibit using the service due to an unclear privacy policy and insufficient guarantees for minors. Problems: ChatGPT is back available in Italy, with a welcome message to its users.

Therefore, users browsing ChatGPT from Italy must now provide explicit confirmation that they are aged 18 or over, or between 13 and 18 but have parental consent to use the service or a legal guardian. For now, it is possible to use ChatGPT simply by clicking on the button ” I meet the age requirements of OpenAI, “but according to the Privacy Guarantor, more is needed, and there are still some obligations to complete.

Satisfied The Guarantor But Not Too Much

The question raised by the Italian Privacy Guarantor has been around the world, as has the suspension of ChatGPT. At the center of the checks is the request of the Italian body to OpenAi, the startup that owns the chatbot, to introduce tools to protect the privacy of minors, such as checking the age of users and the possibility for users to oppose the processing of their data delivered during chat sessions.

But if OpenAi responded two days in advance (the deadline was April 30) to the requests made by the Guarantor last April 11, there are still some requests from the Guarantor to be fulfilled.

So much so that the Guarantor lets it be known that he will continue his ” investigative activities on OpenAI also under the aegis of the ad hoc task force set up by the European Committee for the Protection of personal data. “

OpenAI Is Satisfied But Ready To Improve

A representative of OpenAI expressed his appreciation, on the company’s part, for the Guarantor’s collaboration and made it known that the startup remains available to continue the constructive dialogue. Which translated means that they will continue to follow the instructions of the Guarantor.

For now, OpenAI has taken measures to allow European and non-European citizens to request the non-use of their data for artificial intelligence training. This can be done through an online form. Protection is necessary when inaccurate information is provided by artificial intelligence, for example.

The Guarantor Watches Over The GDPR

The intervention of the Italian data protection authority has led to significant changes in the level of control exercised by ChatGPT. However, it is still unclear whether the changes rapidly implemented by OpenAI will be sufficient to fully address the critical issues raised by the GDPR fully.

The question, therefore, is far from closed, and ChatGPT could be banned again by the Privacy Guarantor.

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