Companies Are More Likely To Receive CDN As A Service


As follows from the principle of operation of the technology, CDN includes many servers located in data centers and the channels connecting them – they should be reserved, that is, duplicated. If your clients live in different parts of the globe, the servers and media should be located worldwide. Few companies can afford to maintain such an infrastructure.

Therefore, it is logical that the technology is also provided as a service, and you can connect a CDN from a Russian provider. Using his services, you get:

  • High content download speed and guaranteed delivery in case of overloads.
  • Unloading the source server without purchasing equipment and capital investments in infrastructure.
  • Protection against simple network attacks due to greater network capacity.
  • 100% availability of content even during peak periods.
  • Possible reduction in traffic volume when data at intermediate nodes is compressed before transmission.
  • Delivery to any platform: computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TV, and STB.
  • SEO effect: due to the acceleration of the CDN site, positions in search improve.

When Do You Need To Connect To A CDN?

CDN is suitable for any company whose clients are scattered all over Russia or in other countries. Let’s see what benefits online stores, banks, online cinemas, TV channels, software, and game distributors can get from technology.

Internet shops: Page loading speed affects sales. There is an apparent direct impact: if the site takes a long time to load, customers will close it. According to Google recommendations, in 2020, the optimal site load time is up to 3 seconds. At the same time, 40% of buyers who entered the online store from mobile were not ready to wait more than 6 seconds.

It is equally essential that site loading speed and user behavior on the page are important factors in ranking a site in search engines; both Google and Yandex say this. Each user who does not wait for loading and leaves the site lowers their position in the search. But the faster the site loads, the easier it is to bring it to the top of the investigation, and the more customers will be able to find it through search engines. Search engines recommend, among other things, using a CDN.

When switching to a CDN, online stores speed up the loading of static content for users, the conversion in the regions increases, and during sales, the site works more stable.

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