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Esports is the main event in the global world of online sports. This means fans flock to the internet to keep current with Esports news at Lottoland. There are roughly 25 million views of Esports in India, and statistics estimate that number will reach an incredible 85 million views in the next three years.

The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) expects Esports in India to be a ₹1,100 Crore industry in the next three years. Many things contribute to this massive growth.

Lottoland is an industry leader in the field of Esports, online lotteries, egaming, and casino games. Esports events take place on more than 20 platforms in India, making it the fastest Esports market globally. Some of the most popular games currently include:

  • DOTA 2
  • Hearthstone
  • FiFi 22
  • Street Fighter V
  • League of Legend


Esports gaming is rapidly progressing. They are taking complete advantage of cutting-edge developments in technology, high-end internet service, software, and cloud technology. There is an explosive growth of gamers in this industry, many on a professional level. They understand game development with creative and engaging content is the most important aspect of the system. Much effort is being put into new game design. But, developers will not overlook the successful games with huge followings that are now available. Major tournaments are battled out by highly-skilled professional players.

Most game streaming in India is in the languages of Hindi and Tamil. Growing game content is penetrating beyond Tier II and Tier III locations. The intense game content and high quality produced by the creators have created a level of engagement and loyalty that is evident throughout the industry.

What People Want

Egames are thought-provoking, challenging, and ever-changing. But, current players demand more from esports. Their attention span is shorter than that of yesteryear’s millennials. Social interaction and dynamic action are a requirement for today’s players.

Esports accept the challenge, and it shows in their marketing. Sites like Lottoland give gamers the freedom to play with anything they want and anywhere they want. Unlike the past gamer generation, there is more love for the games and less interest in promotional perks. Esports has evolved into more than just a game. Savvy marketing companies have already concluded that they are dealing with two very different types of people. Each is equally important and must be acknowledged.

Esports Careers In Demand

Below, you will find a sample of some careers that are on the horizon in India. As with all electronic gaming opportunities, there is much money to be made in this industry. Soon colleges in India will be offering degrees in Esports.

  • Gamers

If you have the drive and talent, you could set your sights on becoming a pro gamer. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in the esports industry. If you can grow the best skill set with the highest efficiency, you will achieve a master’s level. A pro gamer works closely with coaches and the other team members. Each league has several pro-gamers playing for them.

  • Game Developer

If you are good at programming and working with interfaces and have a good imagination, you can become a game developer. You will need a broad knowledge of various games and a talent for design, character, and game scenarios; you might be cut out to be a game developer. 

  • Coach

Are you good at spotting a player’s weaknesses and strengths? Can you motivate people to do their best? Can you see when someone needs a little nudge or a pat on the back? These are the makings of an esports coach. Behind every great player is a great coach. Most leagues have some coaches.

Esports is the place to be for the gamer. Get your education, get your practice, and put effort into learning the moves, programs, and games. Learn to work as a team and develop the skills together that can take you to the championship.


With all of this said, you must first get into the games. You can watch esports online, on television, and even on your smartphones. Placing bets on esports is a favorite pastime in India. Go to your favorite online casino or lottery vendor and set up a free account. There are several ways to fund your account so you can pay for your bets. The sites will explain your betting options. It will also explain how much you win. State-of-the-art customer service agents are always at your service.


Esports has arrived in India, and they are here to stay. What are you waiting for if you have not gotten familiar with Esports yet? Now is the time to get into action. You might win a few bets along the way. So, join the fun.

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