How To Run Instagram Correctly: Making Your Account Successful


Instagram has evolved from a social network where people share news and photos of food to a blogging platform. The audience is accustomed to high-quality content, and the competition is high: you compete with users from all over the world because language or geographical location is not essential for photos, and professional models, photographers, makeup artists, and artists also actively use the social network. Of course, many people need to learn how to run Instagram so that it both develops and generates income.

But everyone has a chance to find their audience. Both schoolgirls from small towns and large brands with exciting content are becoming popular on Instagram. Let’s figure out how to come up with a concept, take photos, write posts, and maintain an Instagram account so as not to sink to the bottom of the algorithmic feed but to find followers.

How To Run An Instagram

Instagram is not just your page on a social network. Of course, no one will forbid you to share the news with friends; we are talking about maintaining a blog on Instagram for a person or business that will be of interest not only to your loved ones but also to strangers.

Look at the pages of celebrities: they rarely combine photos and generally bother with content, but fans are interested in any news from the lives of their idols. You need to have a couple of million fans to be forgiven for low-quality and uninteresting photos.

Start with an idea. Even if it’s hard to decide, “photographing everything around me” seems like the best way out, focusing on a specific topic. Food blogs, profiles about healthy eating, dancing, clothes, makeup — yes, Instagram already has everything. But you’ll do it your way. And people don’t build a list of subscriptions on the principle of “I’m already subscribed to a food blog, so I don’t need another one.”
Of course, if your idea is exciting and relatively new, it will be easier to advance. But if you can’t find one, don’t give up. Running an Instagram is all about constantly experimenting and finding a balance between content and interaction with the audience.

What should a business do? You need a concept, too. Create value for your subscribers by talking about topics related to your product. Consider that SMM from 2010, when beauty salons could post “10 hairstyle ideas” and get thousands of likes, is a thing of the past. People won’t subscribe to something they can google. Create original content: create a brand character or choose your storytelling style and list of topics you can cover.

Instagram Profile Design

From the first glance at your account, what it is about should be clear. Briefly formulate the topic of the blog in the bio and tell us about yourself. Typically, users provide their name, age, and city.

How do you create an account for a business to start running Instagram?
The company’s account must contain:

  • Contacts.
  • Information about the work of offline outlets.
  • Detailed conditions for ordering or making an appointment.

If you can’t fit all the information you need into the bio, you can use the Multi-link service.

Use emojis to accentuate different information blocks in the bio. You don’t have to choose bright and intrusive ones: dots, arrows, and squares will look neat, but all will visually divide the text (the name and topic of the blog) by meaning.

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