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We provide a large variety of training courses and CSPO certification training is one of them. All the courses provided by us are certified and the certification is recognized globally. By becoming a certified scrum product owner of a company you’ll be able to efficiently raise the value of its product and manage product backlog as per its requirements. You’ll be in-charge of everything related to the product that the company provides from the design of the product to its advertisements. Scrum product owners are at high demands in these crucial times and they’re high paying as well. You’ll have a secure job once you complete the training and become a CSPO.

We are a global registered education ally of the Scrum Alliance. The certification provided by us is globally acclaimed which means that no matter where you go you can apply for a job as a certified scrum product owner at any company in the world. At the completion of this course you’d be able to successfully deal with any kinds of challenges that a scrum product owner goes through on his or her journey on raising the value of their product. Along with this, there are several benefits that are provided to you once you decide to take our CSPO training course:

  • In just two days time, you’ll successfully achieve 16 PDUs as well as 16 SEUs.
  • Experiential learning format is also provided to the learners so that they can deal with real-world challenges. This is done so that once they get certified as a scrum product owner and get hired by some company they already have some pre-hand experience to guide them on their course. Experiential learning would include team work, exercises, activities, workshops and so on.
  • Besides all the knowledge that is provided in the training course we also provide the candidates with free accesses to our e-learning resources which has about more than hundred courses which one can study. This extra learning resource is provided to motivate the candidate to do their research and study separately as well besides the learning hours assigned in the course because self-study is important too.

Why Should You Become A Certified Scrum Product Owner?

Well, since we’ve come this far you might still be wondering why you should choose this rare job. Here’s the answer to clear all your doubts. A scrum product owner is a highly demanding job in the market and as a result they are well-paid. Every single professional agile team has a highly effective product owner who makes all the important product decisions for them. A CSPO is trained in timely delivery of high-priority releases and maximizing ROI. All the industries require a product owner and therefore they are ripe with job opportunities for all product owners. The globally recognized CSPO certification provided by us is a career-defining credential for those who want to take the challenging role of becoming a product owner.

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