Instagram Quiet Mode: What It Means And How It Works


With the new Quiet Mode, Instagram allows users to take a break from notifications and direct messages without missing anything.

Instagram has introduced Quiet Mode, the ” silent mode,” to give people more control over their time, pausing the social network and asking them to ” do not disturb. ”

Silent Mode is not new in the strict sense: on the contrary, it is a function already seen on other apps, such as Teams and Skype. Usually, this pause mode is activated when you need not be disturbed and is often marked by the no access icon. The operating principle of the Quiet Mode on Instagram is the same: you explicitly indicate that you do not want to be disturbed, and for this, you temporarily turn off the notifications to retrieve them later.

Instagram Quiet Mode: How It Works

Instagram’s Quiet Mode function responds to users’ need to temporarily take their eyes off the social network without being attracted again by notifications and private messages. For rest, for study or because you are engaged in other activities, therefore, whatever the motivation, it is possible to pause Instagram from today on.

The exciting aspect concerns the automatic reply sent to those who contact a profile in silent Mode with a DM: our interlocutor is notified that we have put the app in Quiet Mode and is invited to try the new Mode in turn.

When the feature is deactivated I will, Instagram restores the normal flow of notifications and shows the user a summary of everything that happened while they were in Silent Mode.

Instagram specifies that it will ask the youngest to start setting the pause mode, especially at night. The message is clear: don’t be afraid of losing notifications or private messages because everything will be stored and delivered at the first helpful access.

When And Where Quiet Mode Is Activated On Instagram

The Silent Mode has been released for a few hours and will gradually be integrated into the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and will hopefully be distributed in other countries as well.

Among the innovations adopted by Instagram and which continue to give users greater control, we mention the possibility of hiding all the contents of no interest from Explore at once. Finally, selecting ” I’m not interested ” on a post from Explore will no longer receive the content of that genre.

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