Testing IT Products: Why It Is Difficult & How Crowdsourcing Can Help


During testing, different companies face common problems. There need to be more full-time testers; there are no necessary devices, or during localization, there is no one to check the operation of the interface in a different time zone.

Crowdtesting can help solve many of these problems. We will tell you what it is and how it can be used to quickly and cheaply release new products without bugs and other troubles.

What Is A Crowd Testing

Crowdsourcing is generally the transfer of tasks to a group of independent specialists or enthusiasts. Each performer solves one or more small tasks, creating a significant result.

Crowdtesting is the testing of products in natural conditions by the user community. Such work involves not consultants and specialists hired by the company but real users.

These people have different experiences, skills, and devices from different countries and time zones. Sometimes among them, there are people without a technical background, sometimes, they are professional testers, but they are engaged in crowd testing using a minimum of skills and tools.

Crowdtesting allows even small companies to test digital products according to the required parameters on a large sample of real users.

For example, you are a product manager and about to release an updated version of the application. The official release is already in 2 days, and the testers available to you write that they will need help to cope with such deadlines. It will take three days for regression testing and two more for fixing bugs. When there is not enough time and people, you can turn to a crowd-testing platform with thousands of testers – they will be able to test the product quickly from the proper devices in the required conditions and geography.

Crowd testing can help in-house testers work with traditional testing methods and make the product verification process faster, more cost-effective, and more reliable.

Using specific examples, we will analyze what problems crowd-testing can solve.

Why Crowd Testing Is Safe

The crowd-testing process is as open and understandable as possible: companies can monitor the progress of the test and see all the errors that users find.

At the same time, confidential information is never shared – the build is securely transferred to selected testers with results available only to your eyes. Crowdtesting platforms usually pay close attention to security: they must maintain the reputation and trust of customers who provide inside information. You choose what to show and what to leave inside your company.

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