Motorola Edge 40 Pro Review

Motorola Edge 40 Pro

Among the best smartphones of 2023, Motorola Edge 40 Pro plays the role of the outsider, thanks to its aggressive price, which, however, brings some gaps compared to the best.

It is not easy to find a summary for the Motorola Edge 40 Pro review because the evaluation of this smartphone is strongly influenced by what you are looking for in your phone.

This could be the smartest purchase ever for those looking for a top product, but at the same time, it could result in disappointment if you place high expectations on photos and videos.

The Technical Specifications Of Motorola Edge 40 Pro

Before going into the details of the Motorola Edge 40 Pro review, it should probably be said that the company of American origin, now owned by the Chinese group Lenovo, subsequently presented the Motorola Edge 40 model, which has very similar technical characteristics, with a more competitive price.
Wanting to look at the Motorola Edge 40 Pro datasheet, you could copy and paste the specifications of almost all the top-of-the-range smartphones sold in the first half of 2023: the cornerstone around which it was built is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen processor 2, which in Italy is joined by 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

We are talking about good technical equipment because the components’ quality is excellent: for example, we are talking about UFS 4.0 memory modules. This means that Motorola Edge 40 Pro is very fast in writing and reading data, with excellent consumption management.

The phone’s structure is completely aluminium, while the front and back are built in vitro, with Gorilla Glass Victus protection. Not only that but there is also IP68 certification for protection against water and dust, which allows you to immerse this smartphone for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5m.

It’s worth mentioning that certifying a smartphone doesn’t mean it can operate underwater because all certifications are done in freshwater, with the devices kept immobile. This means that the water pressure is very limited, in any case, lower than what you would have at sea if you carried the phone underwater. , you can save your phone from accidental falls into water or splashes.

Motorola has made a courageous choice because the battery of this device has a capacity of “only” 4600 mAh, it is not the best on the market, but it is compensated by a 125 W wired recharge, which guarantees the possibility of reaching 50% of autonomy in just 6 minutes and to obtain a complete recharge from 0 to 100% in 23 minutes. Many users will be happy to know that this smartphone is equipped with wireless charging, which can also be used in reverse mode to use the phone as an external accessory charger.
The Motorola Edge 40 Pro datasheet is completed with stereo audio, full compatibility with Wi-Fi 7, and all the details enclosed in just 8.6 mm thick, for a total weight of 199 g.

An important detail is that of the Display, which has a fairly small diagonal of only 6.67″ but stands out from the competition thanks to a 165 Hz refresh rate: we have repeated it many times, and this is the parameter that allows evaluating the fluidity of the screen, and with this figure, we are at the best levels of the market. Compared to many competitive products, the only detail to underline concerns the Display’s maximum brightness, which could be much higher.

The Motorola Edge 40 Pro Camera

We have dedicated a separate chapter to the Motorola Edge 40 Pro camera, characterized by two 50-megapixel sensors, a 12-megapixel zoom, and a front camera that we could define as exaggerated by 60 megapixels. The Motorola Edge 40 Pro review also passes from the evaluation of its camera, which from our point of view, is one of the less exciting details.

It cannot be argued that the images and videos captured with this mobile phone could be of better quality, but neither can we get carried away by the enthusiasm for the result obtained. Night photos struggle a bit to keep up with the competition: which is not surprising if we consider that many products ranked among the best on the market today are equipped with a processor specifically dedicated to image processing.

Inevitably, the result is better than that guaranteed by Motorola Edge 40 Pro, in which, from our point of view, the most obvious defect is the significant difference between the different sensors. In particular, switching from one sensor to another captures the colour difference when shooting video. It should also be noted that the main sensor inserted in this smartphone is the same one used a year ago for the previous model.

As mentioned, the image quality is generally good, but the colour reproduction needs to be more accurate. Night Shots are of good quality, especially those from the main camera. Even the photos with the portrait effect are decent, but nothing exceptional and far lower than the most famous models on the market, especially Samsung and Honor.

We evaluate the quality of the videos as good, but a lot depends on the definition that is used; the results can also change significantly: everything is fine as long as you shoot with a good amount of light, but at night the Edge 40 Pro leaves something to be desired.

The camera quality represents the weakest link in the Motorola Edge 40 Pro value chain. If all other aspects are up to the best devices on the market, the camera can be compared to mid-range products.

How Much Does Motorola Edge 40 Pro Cost

The price of Motorola Edge 40 Pro is its main advantage: today, it can also be bought on the official websites of Italian technology chains for around €849, an extremely competitive figure if you consider that at the launch, which took place just a month ago, it took 100 euros more.

The official price of Motorola Edge 40 Pro was 999 euros, but it was never applied, with a starting price of 939 euros and a progressive decrease to the current figure. Just rummage on the net to find shops selling this smartphone even at a price of just over €700. On the one hand, this represents a considerable advantage because the technical data sheet is truly complete and prestigious, but on the other, it makes you understand that you are buying a telephone whose price stability over time will be very low. You would get a reduced valuation if you wanted to try to resell it.

Motorola Edge 40 Pro Review, The Conclusions

Despite everything, we can complete the Motorola Edge 40 Pro review by expressing general satisfaction, given above all by the value for money, the extreme speed of its software, and the availability of some very well-designed solutions, such as the ability to read notifications on the phone off, what is Always called On Display, just as it is possible to take advantage of a mode that closely resembles that of a computer, thanks to the Ready For function.

By connecting an external monitor, even wirelessly if desired, the phone modifies its interface, making it similar to a computer’s, allowing you to work in more comfortable spaces.

For the rest, the Motorola Edge 40 Pro software is very close to the purest version of Android, which not even Google uses anymore since it embraced the new design language, Material You.

For those looking for a practical solution with a cost that is reasonable, Motorola Edge 40 Pro represents an excellent solution from which; however, one should not expect science fiction performance, especially when it comes to the camera. This is a mobile phone of substance; there are few frills and an aesthetic that will hardly make your heart beat faster: however, if you consider the value for money, you are still faced with one of the best proposals on the market.

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