Science Fiction Has Been Upgraded To Change Reality, With 6G networks

6G networks

From holograms to extended reality, many new technologies will be possible thanks to ultra-fast 6G networks, which companies are already working on.

While in Italy and much of Europe, we await the widespread diffusion of the 5G network, and in particular, we are still pre-tasting the power of millimeter 5G, the large telecommunications companies are already working hard on 6G technologies. And, of course, they already promise great revolutions allowed by the new ultra-fast networks.

Revolutions such as those by experts among the leading companies globally in developing technologies related to data networks. Therefore it is not the first time it has announced essential changes that will come in the future, thanks to 5G, first, and 6G, after. In particular they have announced several scenarios for 2030, from which it seems that science fiction will become a reality. Indeed, virtual and factual reality will unite in a unicum that will open up new communication possibilities for everyone.

6G Networks And Holograms

One big news that will come thanks to 6G will be ” holographic communication, “that is, through holograms. Ericsson is already working on the prototypes based on LiDAR sensors (the same as the robot vacuum cleaners) that will be used to 3D map the interlocutors and project their image through special AR / VR glasses.

For everything to go well, there are no interruptions in communication or delays; you will need a high-speed, stable connection with very low latency. All features that, at least on paper, 6G networks will have.

According to experts, this technology is already in an ” almost commercial ” stage, so it will not be long to arrive as early as 2030. Low-cost LiDAR sensors, on the other hand, already exist while many are working on AR / VR glasses. Apple included.

5G networks: Sooner Or Later, They Will Not Be Enough

According to experts, however, some of the innovations planned with 6G will already arrive at the end of the 5G era (which has just begun): ” Many features of the 5G network that I see today are slowly emerging. Just think of XR, including holographic communication without mentioning the metaverse and digital avatars. If further expansions exist, the demand for network traffic and the need for network capacity will increase significantly. This means tens of thousands of base stations may not be sufficient “.

where there will be many micro transmission plants. To bring the future to large sections of the population, however, the technological leap to 6G will be needed.

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