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The programmer’s salary can assess the demand and prospects of the language. According to Habr Career, the highest median wage is for software developers who use the following languages.

  • 1st place – Elixir, 165,000 rubles.
  • 2nd place – Objective-C, 150,000 rubles. If you look at vacancies with this language, the developer is usually required to know Swift, the successor to Objective-C.
  • 3rd place – Scala and Golang, 150,000 rubles. Moreover, in 2018 Scala was the leader in the rating.

The median salary growth is observed among developers in PHP, Python, C ++, Swift, 1C and Ruby. Salary cuts for Kotlin (-4%) and Delphi (-14%) programmers.

The situation is different in the international market. According to a survey of 90,000 StackOverflow users, Clojure, Scala, Go, Rust, and R programmers make the most money. PHP, Assembly, and VBA developers are paid less, even though they have more experience.

Demand From Employers

After analyzing the vacancies, identifying promising languages will not be possible, but you can see what technologies employers need now. And the situation is unlikely to change in the next couple of years – after all, even if the language is outdated, projects need to be supported or rewritten. For example, Objective-C is still required despite being replaced by Swift.

According to the DevSkiller agency, international employers are more likely to require JavaScript specialists – this language is mentioned in 40% of vacancies. Judging by the fact that HTML / CSS is in second place and SQL is in fourth place, the demand for front-end developers is higher. Java is mentioned in 31% of job postings, and NET/C# in 12% of job postings.

As a rule, companies need developers who speak several languages ​​at once. So, the Java + SQL bundle is found in 26% of vacancies, .NET + JavaScript – in 8%. Five of the eight combinations feature JavaScript, used in both the front-end and back-end.

According to a small study by HH, in the fall of 2019, employers were more likely to look for programmers in Java, PHP, 1C, SQL, Python, C#, JavaScript, and C+. JS is a little behind, as its frameworks: Vue, React, Ember, JQuery, and Angular, were counted separately. If you look at the general statistics, this language is also popular in Russia.

Community Interest

When a developer encounters something incomprehensible, he googles the question. The TIOBE service analyzes the number of requests and ranks the popularity of programming languages.

In February 2020, most often, programmers searched for information on Java, C and Python. Over the year, interest in C and C# increased by 4.3% and 3.08%, respectively. From the 20 popular languages list, Objective-C will come out. 

Based on annual averages, TIOBE shows changes over the past five years. Python has seen rapid growth – it has moved from seventh to third place. The leaders are classic Java and C, C++, and C#.

Community Opinion

IT pro portal Stack Overflow asked 90,000 developers about popular programming languages. The survey shows the opinions of the international community – you will find code in the most popular languages ​​in projects more often than others.

Most often, developers use JavaScript – this language has been the leader for several years. If we compare the ratings of 2018 and 2019, Python demonstrates growth in popularity.

In the 2019 ranking (opinions for 2018), Rust, Python and TypeScript were named the most favorite developers. A year earlier, Rust, Kotlin, and Python were on the list.

Python, JavaScript, and Go were interested in the community, with 25.7%, 17.8%, and 15% of developers wanting to learn them. In the ranking of languages ​​that developers do not want to mess with, VBA, Objective-C and Assembly took the first three places.

Code Popularity

In the Octoverse report on Github, you can see which languages ​​are most often used by service members. The more popular the language, the higher the likelihood that the future team leader will decide to develop a project in it.

JavaScript has been in first place for several years now. In the 2019 survey, Python ranked second, moving one line below Java, with C# and Shell showing growth.

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