The IoT Platform Solves Tasks


Cloud IoT Platform can be used to develop complete cycle IoT solutions. It allows you to solve several problems.

  • Manage devices: Allows you to organize centralized management and monitoring of IoT devices and maintain device templates with a complex structure.
  • Receive and store data from devices: It allows it to aggregate and process data flows from intelligent home, city, or factory components and maintain a hierarchical register of data sources. Also, the Cloud IoT Platform can act as an operational and long-term data storage.
  • Process and visualize data: Can display data from sensors in the form of separate graphs. This makes it possible to operate with up-to-date information about the operation of devices and track the dynamics of changes in indicators.

How To Start Using The Platform?

Currently, the Cloud IoT Platform is in beta testing, but you can already use it to implement your projects. 

It is enough to leave a request on the site and discuss the details of your project with the specialist considering the application. After agreeing on all the nuances, the user will receive free access to the beta version of the platform and advice on developing a solution.


  1. Working with the Cloud IoT Platform is unified – each user is given full access to the platform functions, regardless of the system’s complexity. 
  2. A software agent is needed to receive data from smart devices and transfer them to the system. The user develops it. This guarantees full compatibility – the client can integrate any devices for smart home or production into the network without restrictions. The required tool stack for agent development is available to all users.
  3. To work with new devices, it is enough to register them on the platform, get an ID and transfer it to the agent. 

Immediately after that, all current information from the device is displayed in the personal account of the platform user, which can be used to manage the IoT network or other analytics.

Essential Points About The Cloud IoT Platform

  1. The development of IoT solutions requires a powerful software and hardware base. It is challenging to create it – it is faster and cheaper to use cloud services.
  2. Cloud IoT Platform is a turnkey solution for centralized management, monitoring, and authentication of IoT devices. The platform is a single base for developing IoT solutions of any scale.
  3. Cloud IoT Platform is suitable for developers of IoT solutions in various industries: smart homes, innovative enterprises, smart housing, communal services, smart city, and others.
  4. To start working with the IoT platform, you do not need complicated preparation – apply and create your agent for interaction between devices and the system.

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