How Google’s New Multiple Search Works


The way we search for things on the Internet is about to change forever, thanks to artificial intelligence: here’s the latest from Google.

No day goes by without news on search engines and artificial intelligence algorithms. After the launch of Google Bard and Microsoft’s response to the new Bing and Edge with AI, it’s up to Google to relaunch with the ” multiple searches. ” What is it about? A completely different way of searching for something on the Internet, starting from the real world and taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by modern smartphones.

How Google Multiple Search Works

Multiple searches are not a function of the standard Google app but the Google Lens app (although the two apps converge towards one). Once the Google Lens app is open, you can use your smartphone camera to frame an object and take a photo.

Lens AI will recognize what it is and Google it. At this point, however, multiple searches come into play: to this search, which is already possible, the user can tap on ” Add to your search ” and add another text to skim the results.

For example, it is possible to frame trousers to obtain a search on the keyword ” trousers, “but it is also possible to add ” white, “short, “jeans,” or any other word (or combination of words) to carry out much more specific searches.

At the moment, it is possible to take a photo and enter only one additional text string, but it is likely to refine the search further to obtain better results in the future. For example, the ” Near me ” option is arriving, which uses the phone’s geolocation to customize the results: in the case of jeans, therefore, among the results, we will also be able to see clothing stores in the area.

The usage scenarios for this new feature are virtually endless. Since Lens also works with photos saved on your smartphone seen online, and not just with those photographed live, in the future,

For example, we will be able to find an object on the Internet that we are interested in buying, and, with a couple of taps, we will be able to have more information about that item and where to buy it.

In theory, we will use the smartphone keyboard much less and the camera much more in the future. But, on the other hand, it is also normal for it to be like this: an image often says more than a hundred words.

When Google Comes To Multiple Searches

Multiple searches on Google Lens have been available in the United States for a few months and are being rolled out to the rest of the world. In Italy, there are already the first reports in the case of searches on ubiquitous objects, such as tables, chairs, glasses, and other furnishings.

However, the option ” Add to your search “is not stable at the moment: it is possible to see it after having photographed something with Lens, only to not see it again at a second search. Therefore, patience is needed: the new multiple searches are also arriving in Italy, and within a few days (or a few weeks at the most), it will be usable by everyone for many possible searches.

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