There Is No Business Without Security


Cyber ​​Security has long been seen as a necessary evil, a cost-justified only by the threats increasingly present on the Internet. Like car accident insurance, a cost that does not completely take away the risk of suffering an accident but that limits the consequences if this happens.

Today, IT security has completely changed its paradigm and companies are beginning to realize this very clearly. So what has changed in recent years?

The Threats Have Increased Dramatically

The statistics that can be quoted are countless but two out of all can serve to account for the global landscape. Large countries like the United States experienced between 100 and 200 major accidents per year (those that cause the loss of millions of personal and/or business profiles) and this number is constantly growing, by more than 20% per year. Italy is one of the European countries that suffer the highest annual increase in cybercrime, despite the policies put in place for the repression of these phenomena, with alan most 60% increase in 2018.

Businesses Are More Aware Of Threats

Even with these quantities, companies have unfortunately had to suffer accidents and damages of various kinds and today they are more aware of the threats. We talk more about Cybersecurity and the tools needed to increase security. It is not always easy to realize this but it is evident that the growth of the disease makes the patient more sensitive to information about it 

Companies Have Discovered That Being Safe Equals Being Able To Do More Business

Growing awareness has led to know how to distinguish different situations. Today it is clear that being safe is equivalent to being able to carry out new activities, which can only be done when you are confident of being able to communicate, share data, build integration platforms with suppliers and customers. Additional security awareness training for the employees can help improve the running of the business.

The Concept Of Protection That Was Previously Entrusted To “IT Projects” Is Now Ensured By “Continuous Services”

Some situations can only be addressed with continuous services such as compliance with the GDPR rules. At the same time, IT Security can only be managed with agents that are always active, since threats can creep into our application and infrastructural architecture at any time.

The Legislation Has Greatly Helped To Emphasize The Above Findings

The aforementioned GDPR has strengthened all of the above considerations. As it highlighted the great growth of cyber threats and at the same time the growth of awareness that took place also through the conversations on the new law, which in turn can only be respected through continuous services.

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