Why Do Law Firms Need To Be Reinvented?

Law Firms

We are living in the digital era where you can start your car from your phone. Everything is digitalized today. Even libraries are converted into e-libraries, and books are now e-books. But lawyers and attorneys are still using old forms of communication. 

This is the digital era, lawyers have to go digital too. They need to reinvent themselves. Law firms need to stop relying on registrars and record keepers. There is document management software for law firms that can keep all of your records and data on your PC which can be accessed on your smartphone.

Law Firms In Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic stopped everything. Business got ruined, people went bankrupt. There was no observance for the law firms. There are many challenges faced by law firms during the pandemic.

1. No Physical Meeting With The Clients

Due to pandemic, social distancing was one of the major challenges faced by law firms. Social distancing made private meetings impossible. There was no way lawyers could meet their clients in person to discuss details and strategy. This affected legal processes too. Signing contracts that require a witness became so difficult that it slowed down the whole legal process.

2. No More Court Discussions

Stay home stay safe was followed by judges and courts too. The general public was not allowed in general courts in response to the pandemic. All activities were stopped except emergency hearings. 

3. Declined Work-Flow

There was a quick shift in the market trends during the pandemic. Suddenly, companies started allowing their employees to work from home. Many law firms also began to adopt this strategy but the workload was more than they could handle. Lawyers failed to meet deadlines and everything got delayed. This way the overall working output of law firms declined.

What Is The Solution?

The only solution is to digitalize the legal industry. Transform everything to make it better, reliable and time-efficient.

Here are some ways software can help law firms;

1. Document Storage And Automation

There is no need to worry about the paperwork, lengthy contracts or agreements. Law firms can use software to generate templates that anyone can edit and modify according to their needs. All of the paperwork can be stored safely in one place. Search tools are introduced to assist lawyers in finding whatever document they need.

2. E-billing, E-filing And E-hearings:

Payments can be made online. Invoices can be generated automatically helping law firms with saving time and money. 

People are more comfortable filing their cases online instead of a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer. It is now possible to pay penalties and fines online without going to court. 

Because of the pandemic, courts were also closed. No public hearings were allowed so to put things back on track, technology has allowed us to have e-hearings. Witnesses are made available through audio-video conferences and thus justice is being served effectively. 

With the changing world of technology, legal firms can multiply their output using digitalization. There are many markets where legal firms have equipped digital transformation and are doing exceptionally well. 

Law firms need to appreciate the level of control they will have and the possibilities that arise through the use of technology.

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