MuleSoft Data Integration Platform – Unbearable Ease Of Integration


The MuleSoft integration platform provides unbearable ease of integration. Accessing corporate data from on-premises systems and cloud applications in a consistent and cost-effective manner is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. The MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform is a hybrid integration solution that connects these disparate technologies and lowers IT start-up and operational costs, ensuring maximum return on investment over time. A single integrated solution for cloud and on-premises systems can reduce labor costs and increase productivity, typically providing a return on investment in less than six months.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is designed to unify business processes between disparate services. The hybrid integration platform is built on an open-source core, which allows customers to connect their systems, applications, and APIs, scale systems, doing this without resorting to writing complex program code. Working in the cloud and on-premises, developers can quickly and easily communicate within a single developer environment.

The MuleSoft integration platform reduces the cost and resource requirements of point-to-point integration and connects business processes, applications, databases, and APIs. Anypoint Platform provides benefits to customers who need to manage business processes under resource constraints, such as insufficient staff.

Why MuleSoft?

Organizations choosing MuleSoft are interested in unifying disparate applications and consolidating datasets in order to improve data availability and transparency and speed up transactions. Moving to an integration platform eliminates the need to write special software and maintain point-to-point connections. MuleSoft also delivers increased transaction speed by reducing reliance on service-oriented architecture platforms.

Building A Data Ecosystem.

Traditionally, integration processes in a company are built between separate applications, systems, and services; the result is an agglomeration of connections, written individually for each case, connecting two or more business processes simultaneously. Mulesoft customers are interested in a cost-effective and relatively low-resource way of building a unified integration platform.

The combination of the open-source MuleSoft platform and additional resources such as Anypoint Studio allows customers to integrate their disparate systems, services, and APIs without resorting to complex in-house code development as required by platforms such as Tibco, IBM, Oracle.

Improved Data Availability

MuleSoft customers have excellent access to a variety of data sources through a variety of applications, systems, and services. The platform expands the possibilities for executing transactions passing through multiple resources, linking together data sets and services for their subsequent internal analysis, process optimization, and generation of reports visible to the buyer.

Customers looking at the integration platform options offered by Tibco and Oracle find that simple, no-in-house integrations can reduce implementation time, labor, and data integration project costs, while increasing data availability and transparency.

Improved Scalability

MuleSoft customers get the opportunity to expand interaction with the system by connecting additional services, applications, APIs that arise at future stages of project development and are not included in the initial planning stages. Many customers started out with a small, localized implementation of MuleSoft Community Edition and then expanded the initial platform after the first successful transactions.

Clients also get faster integration tools when managing corporate mergers and acquisitions. Traditionally, mergers and acquisitions require IT, teams, to investigate the merging of existing systems, move data and to compare functions of one company’s IT system to another, or create a roadmap for selecting applications that will allow two companies’ data to be connected without compromising production processes.

Customer experience shows that using MuleSoft, and disparate systems were consolidated 30% faster, ensuring data availability across the entire organization while maintaining the relative autonomy of each company’s systems.

Increasing The Speed Of Transactions

Improved data access and the creation of a coherent data structure through the MuleSoft Platform provide accelerated passage of customer transactions in the system. According to user feedback, previously, in order to generate analytical reports for clients, they had to manually set correspondences of data sets received from various services and applications. Data availability was limited to a single application, and it was not possible to pass transactions through multiple applications without requiring expensive manual labor to ensure integration between applications.

MuleSoft establishes the necessary connections between different datasets and provides an application with access to all system data, reducing development time for new applications and allowing decision-making up to 40% faster.


MuleSoft’s ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities provide the following business benefits to users:

  • reduction of labor costs;
  • productivity increase;
  • reduction in decision-making costs;
  • reducing risks in data management;
  • faster return on investment.

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