How To Use Reviews To Stay In Touch With Your Customers


Among the ad hoc tools to stay in touch with your customers, there is one that is really important: online reviews. How to best manage and use them

Keeping in touch with existing customers is essential to be able to retain them and obtain new conversions. Among the tools that every company can use to keep interested in their brand alive, there is one that is particularly effective: online reviews. Whether we like it or not, our customers are already talking about us with other people and will continue to do so, on the web as well as in life.

For this reason, managing online reviews is a very important aspect that every brand should never underestimate. If a positive review is certainly a good virtual business card for your business, even a well-managed negative opinion can be transformed from a disadvantage into an opportunity for the brand to repair its inefficiencies and recover contact with the unhappy customer. . What every business needs is, therefore, an effective customer management strategy, which aims to increase the brand reputation and at the same time can generate new leads, thanks to the advertising that the opinion of a loyal customer can represent.

Reviews: Why They Are important For Contacts

Each brand should be clear on how important their relationship with customers is. In this context, online reviews represent an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with customers, both existing and potential ones. This is because offering a review service for the product or service sold on your site becomes a digital showcase.

On the one hand, there are benefits for loyal customers, who can express themselves freely and have a discussion in the review forums, or get a direct response from the business and feel listened to and understood.

On the other hand, there are potential customers: by reading the reviews they will have direct contact with the brand, they will be able to get an idea and, recommended by other users, they will be able to decide to buy a company product or service.

This allows us to understand how important it is to manage the reviews that are left: positive ones can consolidate the relationship, while a wise response to the disappointment of unhappy customers could reverse their consideration of the brand and bring them back to their side. This will give you the opportunity to have a second chance, also demonstrating to those who read the reviews how the company knows how to get involved, remedy its mistakes and improve its services.

How To Use Reviews To Stay In Touch With Customers

It is therefore clear that the management of reviews requires careful planning by a business. Companies shouldn’t be afraid to ask for reviews from a customer who has just made a purchase, rather they can encourage them to write one to tell their experience, both positive and negative. This is because the brand does not have to fear reviews: for those who are organized, there will always be the right answer to consolidate or regain the customer’s trust.

For this reason, it is always important to thank customers who leave a positive online review. Even more, act with a polite attitude of true listening towards customers who leave a negative one: before answering point by point, it will be necessary to understand which expectations have been disregarded, if there is room for improvement or recovery for the brand. . The situation is different in the case of negative and false reviews: these will be crushed, highlighting the doubts about the truthfulness, but always with education and respect.

Managing reviews is therefore a real job that takes time, researching where the opinions have been published and elaborating an answer for each of them. Help comes from online services that allow you to monitor the main review sites and respond to your customers, without forgetting someone, so you can stay in touch. 

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