Digital Care Brings Updated Technological Equipment To Your Home

Digital Care

It Works As a Subsidy To Help You Buy a New Computer (Desktop/Laptop) Or Tablet


It is time to renew your technological equipment, especially now that “distance learning” and distance learning seem to be entrenched in our daily lives? In this sense, the ” Digital Care ” program works as a subsidy to help you buy a new computer (desktop/laptop) or tablet. In practice, this is a voucher (check) for each beneficiary, which corresponds to the amount of 200 euros. 

The “Digital Welfare” is addressed, according to estimates, to approximately 325,000 families and 560,000 young people from 4 to 24 years old, who fall under certain economic criteria (family income below 6,000 euros). Those who meet the requirements, can enter today the site, complete the application and receive the coupon. For more information about the program, you can log in and be informed from the Public page, giving your details. 

At this point, however, it is worth making a parenthesis: In collaboration with the Non-Profit Association “DESMOS”, the Public further strengthens the energy: With the purchase of technological equipment and the use of the Digital Care voucher, the Public supports the program “Desmos” for Schools “and equips computer rooms in schools 

But let us return to the essence of the matter, that is, how you will make the best use of the voucher of 200 euros that you will receive in your hands. The term technological equipment remains unclear, as different needs arise, in different conditions, and from there we have to start. Beyond that, e-learning has its own rules, which means that you should not make quality discounts, because you will just find them in front of you. 

Desktop PC

The traditional desktop PC, also known as the tower, has been with us for many years and continues to be fearless, precisely because it has significant advantages. It is a system that is not only powerful but can be strengthened even more – as long as the holder needs it and as long as his pocket lasts.

It is easily upgraded, at any time, with advanced subsystems, something that offers it durability over time. In addition, you can add a screen that covers your learning needs, no matter how large. The same goes for the other peripherals, ie the keyboard and mouse that you can choose at will, according to your needs, and are available in a huge variety. 

Perhaps its only drawback is the required space on the table or desk since it is definitely a relatively bulky device, which does not move so easily. 


The necessary portable solution for those who want to always have their computer by their side. Due to its size, volume and weight, it faithfully follows its holder, even in bed if needed, while at the same time it is available with different screen sizes.

Of course, its keyboard and touchpad may not be suitable for everyone (especially for long hours of use), but it can still be turned into a… desktop, adapting its screen, keyboard, and mouse. On the other hand, it does not offer the upgrade possibilities (the intervention of a specialized technician is required), for which the desktop is famous. 


This is the ultimate mobile solution, as these devices are by far the lightest and slimmest, like a large mobile phone. The tablets are distinguished for quality monitors, though not necessarily the case for their processing power, given that the embedded hardware is weaker compared to a laptop or desktop.

Of course, the most expensive devices ( Apple iPads, for example) stand out in all respects and are worthwhile and reliable for all usage scenarios. In bed, at home, but also at school, tablets will always be available for immediate use. 

In general, desktop systems are preferred by older students, as they better meet their increased processing requirements. For high school students, laptops are ideal choices, while tablets can be the first contact of elementary school children with technology.

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